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Andra and Bilk

Postby Graewerld » Tue Nov 09, 2010 1:49 am

Nestled high above the oldest tree in the center of the Eldritch Forest lays the ancient Elven city of Morzelmore. There, perched precariously atop the edge of the retaining wall around the garden, Tiberia and Coric Lane were engaged in deep conversation in regards to the current events happening around the lands. Suddenly a purple column of magical energy erupted between them and a small girl appeared, with a look of anguish on her face. “I can’t find my brother. Will you help me?”

Tiberia looked down at the child and asked, “Who are you?”

“I am Andra, and my brother, Bilk, and I were playing ‘Shadow Stalk’ when he chased his into a cave and never came back out. He is a bit . . . slow and I fear the worst for him. Will you help?”

Coric looked at the blond girl and then at Tiberia. Understanding the gaze, the Paladin concentrated briefly on Andra and used her ability to sense evil. “No Coric, she is not evil.”

“Evil? Oh no, evil is bad.” Andra exclaimed.

Coric then asked, “How did you make that portal?”

Andra giggled at the warrior, “That was easy. It was something Mommy taught us.”

Coric asked, “Can your brother do this, too?”

Andra answered, “Yes, he can. He has a way of working with magic.” Under her breath, she quietly added, “He’s even better at it than Mommy is.”

Tiberia asked the next question, “And what is your mother’s name?”

“Why Mommy, silly!” she giggled once more and rolled her eyes. Becoming serious, Andra repeated, “I really am worried for Bilk. Will you help?”

Tiberia, sensing impatience from the girl, answered, “Yes, I will.” Coric echoed that decision.

“Then follow me.” Andra said, entering back into the glowing portal, which immediately made her fade from sight.

Stepping into the purple light, Tiberia and Coric found themselves . . . in a dark enclosure, with the sounds of rushing water and the deep echoes of dripping in the surrounding darkness. They looked about but saw no sign of Andra anywhere.

“Underdark!” Tiberia exclaimed.

The two were still getting adjusted to the dimness in the area when they were suddenly attacked by Xvart miners. Both of them quickly dispatched the poorly armed workers.

All of a sudden, from somewhere deeper in the gloom, a weak boy’s voice cried out, “HELP!!”
Turning their attention in the direction of the voice’s echo, Tiberia and Coric started making their way toward the feeble outcry. Not even fifty yards had been traveled when a single blue-skinned woman confronted them. “You may not take the boy-child! He is mine!” Then the Xvart War Mage began a series of incantations and started directing spells in their direction.

The War Mage never had a chance. With the combined fighting skills of the two warriors, the woman was quickly killed. Turning their attention once more toward source of the distressed voice, Coric was taken aback when the Xvart began to stand up again and renew her series of spells. Once more, they pressed the attack on the Mage, and once again she fell dead, and yet once again she rose, as if nothing had happened. Coric then focused all of his martial abilities, and wielding his glowing double-bladed weapon, executed a flurry of blows that ended up dismembering the War Mage into several pieces.

Resting momentarily from the exhausting onslaught of attacking slashes, both were horrified to see the dismembered pieces of flesh quiver and move to join together, and within seconds, the witch woman rose again. “You can not kill me, as long as I have the child!” she shrieked.

Sensing this was not a normal situation that they faced, Tiberia voiced a silent prayer to her deity for guidance, and focusing all her faith through her sword, struck the woman once more. This time the Mage did not rise.

“HELP!!! I wanna go home!”

Hearing the repeated plea, Coric and Tiberia raced toward the source. As they approached the back of the cave they saw, reflected in a crimson glow, the figure of a small boy on top of an outcrop of stone. Looking about they found a ramping path that led up and began running to give aid.

At the top of the small rise they were surprised to see a boy standing in the center of a circle of red energy. Tiberia slowly approached the confining aura trying to decipher the type of energy it was. Coric said, “I have never seen anything like this.”

Hearing the voice caused the little boy to turn and demand, “Help me. I wanna go home! Where is Andra? I can’t get out. It hurts every time I touch it. Watch!” And with that he took a step toward the edge, and a blast of energy knocked him back to the center, “OWWW!” Getting back up, he added, “See what I mean?”

Tiberia asked the boy, “Bilk? How did you get here?”
Bilk looked around and said, “I’s tryin’ to catch my shadow and followed it into this here cave and it distapeared. The mean, evil blue lady catched me and made me get in this circle, and now I can’t get out. I’m tired and I wanna go home!”

Tiberia and Coric walked around the circle of energy examining it from every angle, when Tiberia had a thought. Drawing out her Holy Avenger, she struck the ground at the edge and in a flash the circle vanished.

“You dunnit. Now I can go home.” With that Bilk made a quick gesture and a portal of yellow energy appeared right before him. He stepped into the center and yelled, “HOME!” and faded from view.

As the portal continued to pulse, the two realized they had no idea how long the portal would last, so they quickly followed suit and entered the light as well . . . and found themselves back at Morzelmore. But materializing with them was Anwan, who looked about him with interest.

Conversation began with the three renewing their discussions about the events happening around them. As the talks went on a woman unexpectedly appeared right beside them and thanked them for rescuing her son. A white dragonkin guard encroached their space as the four were conversing. The woman looked at the guard and told him to leave the area. As the guard walked away, he responded, “As you wish, m’Lady.” After showing her appreciation the mother of the two children, saying she should head back before there could be any more trouble, disappeared as quickly as she had appeared.

Before Tiberia, Coric and Anwan went their separate ways, a gold dragonkin guard walked past Anwan and whispered something to him in passing. Tiberia thought he caught the word “Baron”.

Anwan retired back at his house to relax and clean up. Walking in, he summoned his pet spider and as a afterthought sumnmoned a second as a ‘plaything’. He removed his weapons and headed back to his bathchamber. Disrobing, he was about to enter the steaming bath when a Rakshasa assasin materialized brandishing a sword. Ever alert for trouble, Anwan grabbed a hidden blade from within the bath and quickly killed the assailant. Searching the body, Anwan found a bounty notice with a price on his head. Wondering how the killer got into his home his second search found traces of ‘Dust of Disappearance’ on the clothing. Feeling that there may be others, Anwan quickly dressed, and arming himself, went to check the other rooms. When he went into the main chamber, he found both spiders curled up as a result of a torturous and vilent death.

What was this all about?
Curiousity killed the cat.

For a while I was suspect.
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