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CTP Releases: (File Links)

Documentation and discussion on our releases.

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jerl silvershield adventure books
this is a series of books, both singly available and as a bookshelf, that you can use to broaden the available books for use in game as treasures. it contains the full story of jerl silvershield and his partners as they had an adventure across the original 40 tilesets intended to be part of ctp releases. this is not required to use any of the ctp tilesets.

ctp_generic_doors this is a series of generice doors created primarily by omb, that add greater variety in the available generic doors you can use to create areas. it is not required to use any of the tilesets.

ctp expanded elf city
ctpr_dusty_dungeon (this is a reskin only)

ctp_common (required to use any of these tilesets)

ctp_babylon (your desert oasis awaits)

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