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Im looking for both an advertiser and a web site administrator to join my team at Harvest Consortium.

for and advertiser I am looking for someone to do direct advertising for us pay will be on commission basis talk to contact me at [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL]

We are also looking for a web site administrater to work with HMC and possibly RPGmodding if we can buy it and turn it into a subsidiary to HMC. Because the Web site admin will be very important they must inverview with Myself, John Lynch and Michellle Lange of california to become a team member. If any one of us feels you are not right for the team your out. The web site admin must know c-panel, vb, perl , and some cgi. again contact me at [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL]

HMC is a mixed group of both professional and ameture game designers which includes player forums at this time. We have released our first professional team recently after building their knowledge base to a level required to make a professional game.

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