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This sticky are for people to put their profiles on. If your a custom content Author in any game jandra you are most welcome to place your profile on this thread
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Winterhawk 99 (aka) Steve Weber

Howdy Folk I've been making games and custom content for a few years now. I'm owner of the Persistant world Harvest moon, Co-owner of this site with 2 other people, Member of RPGmodding, and Member of the ctp team.
Running the site and looking for oppertunities for the site take up most of my time along with making things for harvest moon. I've managed to both make some content and help a few authors out with their content during the last few years. I'm always willing to help out, learn from others and teach anything I know to people.

Here is a list of content which I've worked on

Community News

Harvest moon:

Hak Paks

Gaoneng's forest
Harvest_Master.hak [url] ... il&id=7225[/ull]
Hm Placeables
Lucifer Churches's Tile edge fix
Wayland_Harvest Hak
Winterhawk's Addon series

NWN Modules

Days of Thunder
the Harvest Moon Persistant World Will never be released

NWN Other

Harvest Moon World Map
Post Epic Spell Progression

NWN Screenshots

Harvest Moon
Harvest Moon players screenshots
Harvest Screenshots

Content I've helped other Authors with

Borden Ha'elven: Egyptian Crypt
Gavin: Wild Lands Tileset
CTP team member
Chief cook and bottle washer for Harvest Moon
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Michael DarkAngel
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Michael DarkAngel aka ???

Been modding games since Doom, well, even before that if you count my Commodore 64 days when I was trying to create a text-based RPG along the lines of Zork and D&D. Before I ever got that finished one of my favorite games saw the light of day. That game was Bard's Tale! Yeah, I know, you all thought I was going to say SSI's Pool of Radiance, didn't you. Well, enough of those old days. A little more recently, I have been modding Neverwinter Nights in one form or another since 2004, was on the front lines of Neverwinter Nights 2 and The Witcher modding when I was a member of DLA, I have dabbled a little (very little) with Dragon Age and more recently have been working at trying to de-forge the forge file format of Assassin's Creed, Assassin's Creed II and Prince of Persia. I look forward to when Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood is released for the PC so I can see if what I've accomplished on the previous games works for this one as well.

Things I've done (or "Mostly Unfinished Works")

My Website -- TBotR

NWN Stuff

City Bridges -- Gallery -- On the Vault

Rural Bridges -- Gallery -- On the Vault

Hills and Homes 1.61c -- On the Vault

Gentle Hills and Beaches -- Gallery -- Never released

NWN2 Stuff

Miscellaneous -- Gallery -- None of this was ever released

The Witcher Stuff

twMax -- Gallery -- On the Vault -- Now part of NWMax "Plus"

The Witcher Explorer -- Unfortunately lost to a hard-drive crash.

Ubisoft Games Stuff

ForgeX -- News blurb -- Gallery -- Being incorporated into NWMax "Plus".


RiSE Gamers' OS -- Was lead programmer of this project until the group lost interest


HMC WebAdmin :mrgreen:

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Wow... great stuff guys.
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Bannor Bloodfist
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Hiya folks. Happy Gaming!

I have been involved with CC for NWN for well over 6 years now.

Content I have released/helped to release as Team Leader for the Community Tileset Project:

Jerl Silvershield Adventure This was a project conceived by the CTP and created by the West Sea Guild. The idea was to present a story that would take you through a list of 40 tilesets that the CTP had originally intended to release. I was final editor on this and it was subject to final approval by me, but in real truth, it was almost entirely written by the West Sea Guild, most specifically by QueenSilverWing aka QSW on the vault. These are a set of placeables and items for use in game. There is a CEP compatible version as well as a version that is NOT CEP compatible, although the actual content of the books/bookshelves is identical.

CTP Generic Doors A series of custom content doors for NWN. This was an early expansion to the custom doors palette for NWN, and many other authors have created their own since this was released. These are still VERY special doors, totally bug-free. Primary artist involved was OldMansBeard, but I performed the QA testing on all of them and helped with suggestions, requests for different door types etc.

CTP Release 1 This is a series of tilesets to help expand your possibilities with building for NWN. While these tilesets were based on individual original author's work, they have all been heavily modified/fixed/repaired/expanded upon by the CTP team.

CTP Release 2 This contains a beta version of a skybox pack for NWN. It is NOT finished work, and no warranties are expressed or implied.

CTP_Babylon A single, VERY LARGE, Desert tileset for NWN. This set is a major set, with content originally based on several authors that has been vastly expanded by the CTP team. This was the last major set released while CTP still had a large team of members. It contains Desert (empty barren style) and Desert City type possibilities. Just because it says it is a Desert doesn't mean it won't have something you can use.

Wyvern Crown of Cormyr A Premium module created and released by DLA (which I was a member of). For those of you that were fortunate enough to purchase this when it was available, you will recognize it's beauty as a mod. Vast tilesets that were totally unique to NWN, Ride-able horses, large amount of placeables, items, etc.

Bioware 1.69 final NWN Patch This is where all the tilesets from Wyvern Crown of Cormyr ended up, as well as the tilesets created for Pirates of the Sword Coast and Infinite Dungeons. 90% of this stuff passed through my hands at one point or another during final testing for both DLA and Bioware, prior to it's release. While I tested all of this extensively for the respective owners (Bioware/DLA), I did NOT create any of it.

I have helped to get other folks involved with 3dsmax editing of objects for NWN, and continue to do that to this date. I am also continuing as Prime Lead for the CTP which continues to work on tilesets in general, just much slower now.

You will find a few tutorials posted on this site that were created by me. Many others were lost when DLA folded and the full CCG was lost The CCG now exists again, but is missing a large part of the images needed to really make sense of the training information provided within. Anyone wishing to help fix that would be greatly appreciated!

Anyway, Keep Gaming, and most of all, have fun with Custom Content!
CTP Team Lead

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