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Ground Texture rotation.

Posted: Sun Jun 15, 2008 9:30 pm
by Bannor Bloodfist
Word of warning on rotating textures.

Apparently, the game engine and/or toolset engine has an issue with multiple textures being rotated in a given tile on the same plane.

I have found that if you have more than one texture set to rotate on a given tile, the calculation that the engine performs on that tile is done ONCE and applied to all textures that are set to rotate.

So, depending on the order of the objects in the tile, the first or last one will rotate correctly, but any OTHER texture will rotate in the same direction, and will likely NOT match the rotation needed for that particular texture.

Basically, you get one pass at texture rotation calculations, so be sure that it is only the primary texture of a tile, most specifically whatever you are using for 'ground' textures, that is set to rotate.