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How to more easily snap verts of different objects.

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Bannor Bloodfist
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Ever had multiple objects you need to re-snap or re-attach verts to proper positions? IE, sparkles caused by traveling objects on export?

Lord Rosenkrantz suggests that you do the following:

The vertex trick is this:

Select the objects you want to align. Choose the "select mesh" modifer. Switch that to vertex. Select the vertices you want to align. Then go to Veltools and under "Mesh Tools" and hit the "GetVertPos" button followed by the "SetPos" button.

This is quite a time saver. It's helpful not to have to hop back and forth between objects to get the vertex position.
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I had this shown to me by Dragonessa sometime back. I love this method! Does Max have anything like this built in? Vels Tools was created back in the days of 3dsMax5 -6.

So much functionality has been added with each version. I was wondering if something along the lines of Aligning might be useful.

One note for those of you using the above or new to it really. This only works for finding the common coordinate to all the verts. So if you have three vertices and you want them all pulled to one vertex you would use the above method.

Afterward be sure to do the follow in Vels Tools under Tool Box

  1. Vert Snap
  2. Weld Verts -> 1.0 (or more is what I use).
  3. Collapse / Reset (:checkmark1 : UV :checkmark1 : NWN).
Your good to go! :thumb:
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One thing to note about the Veltools trick is that it only works on meshes. Trying to set the position of a spline or NURBS vertex will cause headaches. :)

Also.... There's the lovely vert snap tool in the max toolbar. (It looks like a magnet.) If you set it to verts only (right click it), when you grab a vert it will automatically snap to the position of another vert. So you don't have to use mesh select at all. (And best of all, this works for splines and NURBS too!) :D I actually use this method exclusively now as I'm rarely working with meshes these days.
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I spent nearly a year trying to get Bannor to use the snap function you just explained. He was slow to jump into 3dsmax but now... he has passed me up!

I have not worked with NURBS or splines yet. I am so low-poly it's sad.

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