AuroraDlight. Light nodes in NWN.
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AuroraDlight. Light nodes in NWN.

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Forgot to Give Tom_Banjo credit for teaching me most of this!

Adding a light node, NOT a mainlight nor sourcelight, but an auroraDlight dummy node that will enable a glow for the window at night.

These are handled a bit differently because they are lights and not actual objects that you see or can texture.

We will have to adjust 4 anim slots during this process. Day, Day2Night, Night, and Night2Day. So please select the main mdl base, and check the settings for your start/end frames for each of those. Write those down or put them into notepad for quick reference. (It's a pain to have to go back to find this info while in the middle of editing something else)

First, we need to create an AuroraDLight dummy node, so click this button and place this dummy somewhere in the mdl. (See pic)

This will give you a small dummy that you will have to adjust the position.

Move this dummy directly behind the panes of glass, IE, inside the building, not outside.

Once you have the dummy created, and placed in a position behind the window panes, then you need to go back to the animation bar, and set a start position at zero. This should give you a hidden light in game. So, just ensure that your animbar selector is at zero for now.

Next we need to set the starting parameters for this light source. (see pic)

This should have created a new key (sometimes one already exists for zero, and you won't be able to tell, so use the Set Key and double click that location).

So, you have an AuroraDLight created, placed behind the window panes, it settings are as in the pic above, AND you have place a start key at Zero. Please double check that there is a key assigned to this starting position.

Now go to position 20 on the animbar, and do the same thing, double click to ensure that this light node, still full black, is attached to that frame slot. What this does is lock the node into solid black for the entire day cycle.

Now you need to go back to the animation bar, and set a point at 29 (this is where those notes on start/end frame comes in handy, I THINK the end for the the Day2Night cycle is 29) and adjust this auroradlight node to the color you want to have for full night.. (see multiple shots for this step)

(See shot)

You should end up with the properties looking like this: (see shot)

Next Go to the End of the Night Cycle point on the animation bar. And again make sure that your settings are the same as the previous one.

Next go to the end of the Night2Day point on the animation bar, and reset the color box to black. Again ensure that the key was properly set. (see shot)

So, we have adjusted Full Day, Day2Night, Full Night, and Night2Day transitions. Our light should be off or black during daylight, slowly change to the orange at night, stay orange all night, and slowly change back to black at dawn.

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