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Re-centering pivots

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Bannor Bloodfist
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Have you ever adjusted the position of an object by rotating it? Or moving it to a vastly different location and then had your pivot not work/look correct?

Here is how you quickly reset the pivot to object and world relationship.

First, select the object that is having the issue in whatever viewport you have it visible in.

Select "Heirarchy" along top of menu rollouts

Then select the first button to "Affect Pivot Only"

Next select the "Center to Object" button

Now select "Align to World" button.

Finally, Un-select the "Affect Pivot Only" button back at the top.

Do NOT FORGET TO UNSELECT "Affect Pivot Only" or when you make any other changes, to just about any other object, you will be actually changing the pivot location instead of the object itself.

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Excellent tutorial Bannor Thank you
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Bannor Bloodfist
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Please note that the tutorial above is only useful in moving the handles for the pivot around so you can find them.

The actual pivot point is related to how a shadow is cast, and the pivot must be properly positioned for a shadow to cast correctly. I don't have a tutorial on handling that aspect as I typically just use the program Clean Models 3 by OldMansBeard to either turn shadows on or off. If I turn them on, CM3 can and does adjust the actual position of the pivot to exactly where it needs to be located to cast a proper shadow. You must realize that sometimes this will move the pivot to a location that does not seem so normal to you and might look a bit strange.

So, only move the pivot point if you must. Also only move it if A) you have shadows turned OFF or B) You are moving the pivot into the proper position to actually cast the shadow where it should be. No tutorial for that is located anywhere that I can find.
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