Excellent 3dsmax Tutorial (External Website)
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Excellent 3dsmax Tutorial (External Website)

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I found a site that has some really excellent general tutorials for 3dsmax and other graphics applications.

This link dives down in the site to show a list of various tutorials for using 3dsmax. There are some really neat modeling (creation) tutorials, as well as general tutorials for UVW Mapping etc. I highly recommend this site. Not only for new folks, but even for "experienced" folks as these tutorials expand on many of the various modifiers and explain how to create things using a different style or set of tools to create your objects.

I can honestly say, that I have learned a bit just in the two tutorials that I have so far run through.

While This link points to textual based Photoshop tutorials, there is also a Video links section that gives direct video tutorials as well. Again, these seem to be really good learning experiences.
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