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The Tao of Wobble - How important it truly is

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Bannor Bloodfist
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The attached document, named
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"The Tao of Wobble" was originally created by Martin, (thanks Michael for the correction on name) I believe, of the DLA team. It discusses and shows how adding "Wobble" to buildings in a tileset can truly make them seem much more realistic.

The option to wobble can also be applied to placeables or other objects to make things seem more natural, or more worn than what is typically accomplished by the 3d graphics programs we all use which define objects as straight lines between two points, until WE modify them to be more realistic.

Note: I have made some very minor edits to correct some spelling issues, or to add a few words here and there to make a bit of the document more understandable by the average modeler found in the NWN world. All credit for this document should go back to Martin. (at least I think he is the original author, but I can no longer find any location that tells me who actually created this document within the original DLA team.) Any remaining spelling errors or misunderstood issues are my fault, not his.
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I thought it was Martin, but I could be wrong as well (was as long time ago). I do remember him talking about it in IRC.

Regardless, I'm glad you found it. I lost my copy after one of my various hard drive crashes.
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Bannor Bloodfist
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You may be right about it being Martin. I will edit the original post to reflect that.

I lost a huge amount of tips/tricks/files etc. Things that I seriously thought I had saved so many times it would be impossible to lose them all... except that when that computer burned up, it literally burned up 4 physically hd's, as well as MB, ram, power supply etc. First time I have not been able to recover that much data in one instance. I mean, seriously, how frequently have you burned up 4 different hd's at the same time?

The sad thing is that my dvd burner had died a long time prior to that, so that I was never able to burn cd/dvd copies of anything, besides which, it takes hours and hours to burn 4 gig down onto a dvd, just to find out at the end that it doesn't fit or the blank had errors on it etc...

I guess I need to re-build some of my trashed computers in the attic and create a home network just to make saves of stuff now. I just can't truly afford the electricity required nor the network cabling needed to set them all up. I never really bothered with home networks much as I never saw a true need except back when I was running a BBS. Then i had to do it, but back then a huge hd was only 40meg, not 4 terabyte as is considered only somewhat large today. Currently I struggle to have enough cash available to eat more than a single meal per day, so purchasing things is out of the question for me now.
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