Usefull 3ds resources.
Come here for tutorials and 3d training. The aim is to point out good 3d training sites or methods.

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Usefull 3ds resources.

Post by Christopher »

I have seen posts about others modelers that use Maya or Milkshape3d but they are a minority. Most of us use Gmax and for those who can afford it (or pirate) some flavor of 3dsMax (5, 6, and most recently 7).

I have no experience in these other 3d applications. The time that I have to give will be limited to descreets line of 3d modeling software. That said here are some very useful links for poor newbie modelers and veterans alike.

These links are not related to NWN, some scripts and plugins will apply to nwn. A solid understanding of the software is the best way to work your way into custom content.

Discreet - Home of the 3d$Max product line.

Turbo Squid - This is where you can get your copy of Gmax. Turbo Squid has a lot of resources for modelers as well as plugins and content for sale. They do have free resources as in textures and models.

3d Buzz - This site is great. It caters to mutiple 3d apps but has a lot of free resources. Sign up for an account (free) and benifit from many video tutorials.

MaxPlugins - Free max plugins (and commercial) for every version.

MaxUnderground - Website with plugins, scripts and tutorials for Max.

CGNetworks - Not sure how helpful this site is to leaning but the WOW factor with what CGI can do is worth the look.

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