DDS -> TGA quick and dirty.
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DDS -> TGA quick and dirty.

Post by Christopher »

I was having some issues with using DDS images in 3dsMax and working on tiles without the TGA's. I req. the original TGA's from one of my CTP teammates and Pasilli outlined this...

NWN Explorer 1.1 (Torlock and Robious).
I'll try to explain...

I too use nwnexlporer 1.1, but you can select ALL the DDS folder and then select the EXPORT AS TGA (right click). This will export ALL the DDS in the TGA format.

Keep in mind that the DDS have a greater priority over TGAs, so if you have both in the hak, what you see in game (and in the toolset) is the DDS. Be awere they are not different!

My suggestion is to convert them all and use only TGA. Keep in mind that I think that the conversion DDS -> TGA -> DDS ... will cause a loss of quality (even if I'm not 100% sure!). For this reason, I use the original TGA every time. I convert them to DDS only when my work is done.

Just another thing: some texture (as water, lava, ...) MUST be in TGA format, or the effect in game will be impredictable. Very bad, in any case...

I hope these few lins can be of any utility for you


Their are other programs that will unpack the dds and then drop some of the high level versions and repack then into TGA. Then you have to flip the converted version... It's a lot of work.

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Post by Bannor Bloodfist »

Estelindis wrote:Textures for water need to stay as TGA due to the shinywater animation. Some other textures that use .txi settings also need to stay as TGA, but I'm not 100% sure what decides that and if it's the case all round (there may be exceptions?).

To batch convert TGA to DDS: 1) download ddstools; 2) put your TGA files in the "in" folder; 3) run "runme.bat" - and you're done! :)

Not sure about batch converting DDS to TGA with a tool, but if I were you I would do the following: 1) package the DDS textures in a hak; 2) open the hak with NWN Explorer;* 3) right-click on the DDS category and choose "export as TGA"; 4) run the lot of them through TGA Flipper twice.


*The link above is to the previous version, but you can also get the beta of the new version by Acaos here: ... il&id=1369

The above quote is from a different post elsewhere on this site.

Note, that is you are having issues getting a newly created DDS to work correctly, it may be due to the TGA not being properly 'set up'. The TGA Flipper (twice) typically corrects for that. So, flip the TGA twice, THEN convert to dds.

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