New Cloaks - Old Icons
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New Cloaks - Old Icons

Post by rdx »

Hello everybody

I've run into a problem while updating one 1.67 PW to 1.69. We have lots of custom "old" cloak icons in tga format. We would like to continue to use them as inventory icons in v1.69, without visible cloak; at the same time, a few cloaks should have visible models and "new" icons

Well, I've turned off visible models for 17-120 in cloakmodel.2da. (1-16 should have visible cloak and new icon - and its all OK with them). In icon column I put a corresponding number - 17 for cloak 17, 100 for 100 etc; texture/model set to 0. So the model part works just fine. 1-16 visible, 17-120 invisible.

But icons.. Well, icons are all new plt type :( and for some reason, all are random 1-16 plts..

Here's the question:
can old tga inventory icons be used, even if for all 120 cloaks?
if not, is there a way to convert them to plt icons such a way, so that new plt icons will look the same, regardless of actual cloak color?

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rdx, we don't get a lot of traffic here anymore, you would be better off posting this on the new forums for nwn. NWN Social Network.

You might also want to do a search on the old Bioware forums for cloaks and 1.69 as I think this was already covered way back when 1.69 was released.

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