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Tileset: CTP LOK Dungeon

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Discussion or bugs relevent to Danmar's LOK Dungeon.

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[quote]"In Area "CTP Dungeon LOK" error "6.0 is not a valid floating point value" why??"

Christopher - That got noticed on Monday by team member RDX. Sorry, it will get updated soon. We have some last min. fixes that only got noticed when trying to compile sets. Nine sets and updated doors out on the Vault by 9/27 come hell or high water... We slipped on a few items.[/quote]
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[QUOTE] 02-01-2006, 03:21 PM
I put several notes in my Developer Blog post on issues with this set. I did not realise how deep the sparkles issue went with this set. If I REALLY work hard on it. I could go throug and rebuild meshs on hundreds of tiles.

This SUCKS. :thumbdown I even looked at Danmar's org. set without our rename and it is just riddled with sparkles. This is no easy snap all the vertex's to the nearest c[IMG][/IMG]m issue. This is how he built the whole set! He built in so much variety into each possible tile that he has nearly 4 choices for each corner or wall... you name it.

:( not sure what to do at this point. This Dungeon is a gem in a retexture CC community. It was just built without full the knowledge of how to avoid sparkles. Danmar was one of the first so he paved the way.

[QUOTE][IMG][/IMG] 02-16-2006, 08:27 PM
You said it all. I plan to correct the bugs that LOK has in Mantis and at this point the sparkels will stay where they are. I have a few idea's about how to fix it faster but it comes back to a texture issue.

Trying to get wall textures to like up os a pain in the a$$. Very time consuming to get it right. In fact after having spent a half hour stretching and moving one texure to line up with walls on the right and left... i gave up in disgust.

I have to find a better way. Or skip it. :_cry2:

[QUOTE][IMG][/IMG] 03-02-2006, 09:07 AM
I may have pushed the sparkel issues to much on the LOK set. While many of these flaws are very apparent in the toolset. The ingame experience does not show the same flaws. This is apparent in the lack of Mantis reports given when LOK went through the first testing run.

[I]New information on this topic. Sparkels are vary apparent if the env. is set to say External (which is the toolset default). When set to even 'Internal Bright' those sparkles are GONE! As we will be putting an area.ini file to control these defaults we should be in good form.[/I]

I hope to get this done SOON. I have gotten stuck on a few hard to fix issues. One area of concern I have for the module is the amount of doors.

Danmar went to great pains to create a LOT of options with doors. My concern is how the arrows are setup. Making sure we have a consistant layout for the set. More on this later.

[QUOTE][IMG][/IMG] 03-08-2006, 10:39 AM
I intend to add a few additional items to the LOK Dungeon before I am finished. I want to put in an adapted version of Acropoles lifts for alternate features. I think I would do two tiles for these additions the actual lift system and the top floor (what was up in the trees.

LOK has no groups. Can anyone think of a few groups that might be good additions? I am not talking about building [I]new[/I] content. Merely adapting tiles from other sets. Remember that the LOK set is a fairly generic dungeon on purpose. I has a full placeable set to spice it up (included in CEP).

[QUOTE][IMG][/IMG] 06-07-2006, 07:05 AM
These were taken from Acropoles forest tiles. They did not come with doors. I think the best way to work with these is to create a transition over the platform. It will just have to go under documentation on the set. I added only a couple of tiles to this set.[LIST]
[*]Stargate by MGSkaggs (retextured)/
[*]Lift Up / Down by Acropole.[/LIST]All other tiles on this set were done by Danmar. Even when i had to create something as a fill in I just reworked and renamed one of his other tiles. As I don't have another set until next week let me finish my final walk throughs. I found bad a bad minimap yesterday. So even simple things cans slip through.

I will send you a copy by Friday. :smile2:

Just some clips from forum logs on a bug fixers journey.

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