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Dragonlance Chronicles Reborn

Postby Winterhawk99 » Mon Jul 16, 2018 12:28 am

DragonLance Chronicles Reborn is an old server. You will have to have a regular (original) game (Non-EE) to play at this time however the staff hinted at a makeover in the near future. There are dozens of haks required to play the server but it is well worth the effort.

The owner of Dragonlance Chronicles is Black Rider who is custom content maker currently working on the DLA/CTP tileset Solace.

The server is a heavy Roleplaying server. If you like table top gaming this is an excellent place to put up stakes. Its base membership is in europe so if you are american like I am you may want to get up a little early on weekends to play. The Dm staff is small but highly experienced.

The build of the server itself is on par with Harvest Moon or Tales and Adventures. Exceptional detail is paid attention too when building areas. The server stretches the entire continent of Ansolon. It is built around the citys with travel points outside them. That is something very different from what I am use too and frankly Its a bit of fresh air compared to what I have done or have been involved with from past servers.

Dms are extremely active. Running at least two events out of the three times I have stopped in to see the place. Rules are fair but strict. Being that Dragonlance is a book series and D&D world unto itself there are certain aspects about races, classes, that do not match up to fogotten realms lore. Do not expect to be a halfing or drow on this server. Your character will be deleted. power and metagaming is highly frowned upon.

Its good to have some knowledge of dragonlance before you step through the door but is not nessesary. If you only know some basic facts about the books that is perfect for your roleplay. If you know nothing about the book series you can take a look at some general dragonlance lore on wickopedia or google and you should draw enough knowledge to have lots of fun on the server.

As with Bastions of Peace I really like this server but for different reasons. With Bastions of Peace I get the action of a powergaming server. With Dragonlance Chronicles I get the roleplay and character development to flesh out good characters and interact with other good roleplayers.

Here is a link to their forums where you can see what everyone is doing and instructions for downloading the haks if you would like to play.
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