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Re: Dragonlance Chronicles Reborn

Postby Winterhawk99 » Thu Jul 25, 2019 5:47 am

Aiauta sits in front of a lectern writing in her journal. Looking up she sees no one around. Most are asleep. She should be too but she has to keep up appearances. Elves after all do not sleep but go into a resting meditative state for a few hours a night.
She writes about all that has happened to her over the last few months. It really isn't much except for two new people she has met; both in Caergoth.
The first is another of the black order. This one older and wiser. What he is doing here in Caergoth she doesn't know. He took her to the inn and they sat by the fireside and talked while watching three dock workers play darts. She didn't learn much of the black robes intent but his demeanor was a complete reversal from what the first one was. He gave her his name but it has slipped her mind since the encounter.
The odd thing was that the two of pleasantly fenced about one another's intentions. He saw something suspicious in her. It gave her pause. She knew that no one could physically penetrate even with magic her nature unless she revealed herself. Still he was suspicious and counseled her not to take the test. She thinks hard on the encounter with him. The one thing he said that tipped him off that she was different from others is this.

The black robe seemed to have a problem with the local guard one attacked him in the inn. He used a spell to turn the man instantly into a henchman. She didn't even blink. That was his tip. He told her that because she didn't even raise an eyebrow at the spell that she grew up around high magic. She did her best to work around his questions and felt that it should be sufficient an plausible story.

She looks up from the book and walks over to a set of candles on one of the desks. The humans and elves have long forgotten the old magic. She does not know much of it. Only the things that are useful for gardening and making life comfortable while going about the daily business of ones existence. She waves her hand over the candle stand and without components or incantation the candles light themselves. Again she waves her hand over them and the candles blow themselves out.
She was raise in the old magic. Everyone she knows from home uses it to help them in their daily lives. She gets slightly homesick while walking back to the book. Clearing her mind she starts to write once again.

Last week I met another qualinesti. He was looking for a place to study for his own tower test. He looked as ragged as I when first coming here to learn from Master Bartrane. I let him rest in my room for a few hours and questioned him on his intent on coming to the school and learning magic.
I sensed a curiosity within the elf and someone of good intentions. Introducing him to the master afterward. Master Bartrane did some basic tests to confirm his abilities. I could see in his eyes that he was going to deny the student because he did not come from a noble family and had no patron.
I asked to speak with him alone. When I and Master Bartrane were out of earshot from the elf I asked if I could pay for the elf's education. Master Bartrane looked somewhat surprised. We discussed it at length and I gave him enough trade coin to pay for the young elf's books and tools.
The elf's name is Ealthan a kind and slightly awkward elf. Perhaps that is why I chose to do this. Trade coin has little meaning for me. My people don't use it, and if I can sponsor a soul of good intent with that to which I collected I feel it is a wonderful fulfillment of what I have managed to make in these humans land. The coin will go to a good purpose. Perhaps I am wrong however I felt that I have accomplished something good for another.

That is all I have to write about the last few months.
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Re: Dragonlance Chronicles Reborn

Postby Winterhawk99 » Thu Jul 25, 2019 5:49 am

At night when everyone else sleeps; Aiauta opens her journal and writes the words that may change the rest of her life among the humans, elves and other races that inhabit Ansalon.
Once again I met the older black robe doing business in the city of Solanthus. He invited me to the inn near the cities entrance. As I drank my water and he his spirits; his questions became more pointed about my background. He is obviously suspicious of my past. In fact: I believe he may have pierced my veil even with my carefully conceived persona. at the end of discussions he asked me to come with him.
He took me to a place where a great tree has fallen. Its mass was hollowed out by goblins. We fought them outside. I used several spells both to protect myself and to discourage the goblins without killing them. The black robe would finish them off sending their souls to wherever they go.
Afterward his suspicions only grew by my command of magic and the potency of my spells. Though at the time I was pre-occupied by the immediate threats against the two of us.
He then insisted on going inside the tree. I was near the end of my spell limits but continued on. the black robe is a tower mage and I am after all only an apprentice. It would not be right to leave him when to face the goblins alone even though he brought it upon himself in whatever he is doing.
We went into the great fallen tree to find many goblins. We fought and both of us fell to the creatures. I woke up to find him barely breathing and unfortunately I myself was in a sorry state. I ran to the east where I knew there was help. I was lucky to survive. the knights of Solanthus took care of the goblins. Afterward I used potions and healing kits (stitching my wounds). I now had a choice to make. Do I leave the black robe to a just death or do I try to recover the body and try to restore life to him.
In the end I decided to recover him for he seems to have done no harm to me or the populace. He may be greedy for the power of magic but in other things he on the surface seems to do good even though he is evil in nature.

Aiauta pauses taking a deep breath. and continues writing.

I have decide in this case the end justifies the means: in other words as much as this particular mage is greedy for the power of understanding and knowledge he ultimately is a good force for good in Ansalon.
I go back and try to recover his body only to find that somehow he has awoken from his wounds. I heal him as best I can and we fight with the goblins again. This time we finally broke off and escaped the brutality of the creatures.

The black robe made his adieus and left me near Solanthus.

Humans and elves seem ever suspicious of anyone not conforming perfectly to their precepts. In light of these new facts and the fact that the carefully conceived veil is breaking down for both this black robe and Master Bartrane himself: I have decide that if in one year I have not receive the test that I will make my break off from tower sponsorship and become a renegade wizardress.
It is not what I want, but if the humans or elves pierce the veil of my true nature it is what I will have to do. The mission itself cannot fail for the village of my birth needs the information of my experiences among the other races and the times along the vast continent.
I will try to hold together one more year. If things do not change I will write a letter to Bartrane and leave the scroll that I have made for him. I will make a new persona and a new life among the humans until my period of seeking is done.
It is a shame. I had hope to be the first wizardress in many generations to past the tower test of my kind; but there are goals and there are greater goals. The greater goal is to complete what I was sent out to find. Enough of dour misgivings about the future. For now I will continue to help my mentor and hope that the test is near. I will learn as much as I can from Master Bartrane and if in a year he does not lead me to the tower I know what to do.
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Re: Dragonlance Chronicles Reborn

Postby Winterhawk99 » Thu Jul 25, 2019 5:52 am

Tower bells, Racing horses, carts and soldiers awaken Aiauta from her slumbers. She quickly puts her robes on and rushes downstairs to find Master Bartrane and the few other students by the fireplace. All of them speak quietly while the chaos outside crescendos.
"Master Bartrane what's going on?"
"We're waiting for the commotion outside to die done, Aiauta. After which, we will be able to investigate and help the populace. The tower walls are strong. They are warded and they will protect us until whatever struggle is outside subsides."
"If there is chaos in the streets we must help as soon as we can. We need to be out there showing our presence and helping with whatever is going on."
"Aiauta, My first responsibility is to keep my pupils safe, including you young lady. We cannot run headlong into a danger that we know nothing about."
Aiauta seethes, "I can't believe what I am hearing! Here by this fireplace is the ability to help better than most. Our very nature calls out to help and help now! Let us go and do what we can."
Master Bartrane shakes his head, "Monty and Nicolas are sons of noblemen that pay good coin for me to keep their sons safe until they have proper training for their test. Sally is very young. William and Ezra are sponsored by patrons of the robes if any of them get hurt it will be disastrous for the school and I may have to close the doors if anything happens to them. It's just too risky."
"Is this what its about then. Trade Coin! Reprimands from your superiors in either wealth, position or status? I am ashamed to see this. If we will not go together then I will ask for volunteers to help now instead of sitting here like scared children. There are lives on the line. We must go.
Therefore I will ask for volunteers to come with me. Who will help?"
Sally is the first to step forward. She takes Aiauta's hand, "I'll come. I don't have many spells but I'll do my best to help out."
Aiauta looks to Monty. He will be the one to replace her when she passes her test as Master Bartrane's assistant.
He shy's away, "My father wouldn't want me taking such a risk. You should listen to Master Bartrane. If anyone gets hurt its on your head Aiauta."
She swallows watching him and turns her head to Nicolas. He rubs his chin and looks at her in a serious manner, "My father is knight protector of a large province in Somalia. He would look at me in pride when he finds out I did my best so I pledge to you that I will go, but here me Aiauta. If any of us does get hurt. Word will get out and there will be repercussions."
Aiauta nods her agreement and looks to Ezra, "I won't be foolish enough to risk my life for peasants and vagrants. They have no power, money, or ambition other than what they can scrape together to survive. The best of us are all behind stone walls. Then we'll come out say our platitudes to look like we're doing something and comforting the damned and the wounded. But really what we're doing is saving face. The city needs a cleansing and as far as I feel it is proper. Let us get rid of some of the riff-raff so that better people can take over. I'm staying. Matter of fact I may go to the observation deck at the top of the tower to enjoy the view."
Aiauta gives her a dark stare and turns to the last student, William.
"I'm with you Aiauta. Tell you the truth I'm scared of what I may find out there but its a real chance to see how I can use my spells to help out. No more laboratory conditions inside or out. This will be my first true test. Can't let that opportunity pass now can I."
Aiauta looks to Bartrane with a defiant expression.
"I'll keep these two safe here until the commotion has died down. Go but be very careful young lady. You tread on slippery ground."

The four students walk out of the tower. The smell of burnt meat and smoke fills the air. There are fires spread across the city. Several horses and people lay upon the street. Some of the horses look to be ripped open and parts eaten out of. Smoke fills the sky hiding both moon and stars. People run through the streets some obviously looters. Others wandering aimlessly. It looks like a scene straight out of the abyss.
The three look to Aiauta. She turns her attentions to Sally and starts casting, "Strength, Fleet, Heartiness."
After using her transmutation spells on Sally she clasps her head with her hands, "Sally your job is to gather the herbalist, clerics, and potion makers. Direct them to the rest of us so that they can work with our group to help. Tell your raven to go to the mage shop. Have him get Gedron out of his dungeon to join us."
Sally nods and takes off.
"Yes, Ma'am"
"Your a nobleman. Go to the west where the calvalry and fairgrounds are. Offer your assistance there. If I remember correctly your strength is conjuration. A few water elementals would be a great help if you can control them."
"On it, my glorious leader." He leaves giving her a wink.
Willian looks around at the destruction.
"You sure you're ok? There's no disgrace in backing out."
"I'm good. It's just an overwhelming task."
Aiauta looks to the docks, "Docks are the worst. I'll go there. You take the city center. Sally should have some people fairly quick coming to help you."
"Sure you want to take the docks, Aiauta? Looks pretty bad."
"I'm the one who stepped out. I'm the most experienced. Yes, this one is on me."
William puts out his hand, "Come back to us safe."
She clasps his arm, "You to and be careful don't take unnecessary risks."
He gives her a grunting smile, "Unlike you, Aiauta. We know you too well."
"Well if I give my life in service of helping the people of the city at least the repercussions can't trump the results."
William laughs lets go of her arm and wanders off toward the temple.

Aiauta heads to the docks to find the area a complete disaster. People wander in disarray. The cargo/transport that heads to Good Bay is sunk and on fire. Willie's is on fire. and many of the houses surrounding the area are also on fire. Smoke fills the area.
There is as least some good news. The dock workers are already handling the ship with a bucket bigrade. Some even have a pump bringing up sea water to hose the Mary Sue down. She looks around until she sees a familiar dock face, "You! Yes You! Come here?"
The short stubby man with a long beard walks up to her in a daze, "What is er now, Lassie?"
"Have you seen the potion vender that takes up shop here, "Na tonight, She be home tend'in to her children."
"Which house?" He points to an unburned one. She nods to him and continues, "Alright then line the wounded up between Willies and the docks. I'll come with her and start helping the wounded. Get some of your fellows to help. It will be something to do."
The man seems to get his wits about him and holds out his palm. She looks at him disgusted and replies, "The more people the docks lose tonight the less you have to feed off of."
The man has to think this over a few seconds. He gets a serious look about him and nods to her, "I'll be getting the wounded like you be asking. You got you point across. I'll be wait'in for you to come."
Aiauta nods to him and runs to the house. She stops and whistles an odd tune. It doesn't take long for heckle to arrive he is bathed in sot and hot to the touch.
"Heckle, go and retrieve my herbal bag from the room." The sting lizard flies off to the north.
Aiauta knocks and then pounds on the door with no answer. She looks around for what to do then pulls out her spell book. She doesn't have the right one memorized. producing some spell components from her robes she speaks an incarnation directly from the book. As her phrases and hand movements end the locks on the door all produce a clicking sound. She opens the door and rushes in.
The herbalist is holding three children in her arms the oldest cant be more than twelve. At first she looks at the intruder in a frightful demeanor. Then she recognizes her, "Aiauta! What are you doing here?"
"Grab all the potions and herbs you can carry and come with me."
"I cannot go out there. It's a madhouse it is! Who would take care of me boys?"
What's the oldest boy's name?"
"Oh that be Johnny Walker! I'm proud of him I am. He start working the docks couple months ago."
"Jonny here." She holds out her walking stick. "Think you can protect your brothers until your momma comes back?"
"Aye I can. That be a fine quarterstaff you majesty."
She looks back at the herbalist, "If he's old enough to work the docks he's old enough to defend his home."
"Aiauta, You be the first person trust'in Johnny with somethin like this. Cause of that I'll be going with you."
"Good there's a lot of wounded."
"But Who be payin for all this work I be doing."
"I will."
"I know you be good for it. You always been a dear with the tradin and helped a lot of womenfolk with them gowns. I know you be good for it."
They rush out of the house carrying as many potions and herbal remedies as they can gather together at the house. Making their way to the docks a couple of young ruffians pounce upon them. Aiauta puts her thumbs together and says a few archaic words. Flames shoot from her fingertips in an arc covering the two youth in flames. Their clothes catch fire and they run away.
As they round the corner they see five men carrying burned and broken men and women far enough away from Willies so as not to get hurt. The herbalist and Aiauta get to work. Aiauta uses aloe gels and other holistic remedies to take care of the ones that aren't that badly burned or bruised. The alchemist uses her potions on the worst of them.
As they work Aiauta catches a man fingering the battered and wounded. He's picking their clothes for everything he can find. She stands and confronts him.
"What are you doing?"
"They will na be needing these where they're going, beauty." He yells to her smiling.
She says a few words while motioning with her hand in a circle. The man's face looses all its color. He goes screaming into the night.
The herbalist looks over, "What you do to em, Aiauta?"
"Just scared the hell out of him with a vision is all. He will not be back."
The herbalist smiles, "You know lass, You ain't so bad for a mage."
Aiauta smiles and goes back to her work.
They work for hours the fire at Willies and the ship from Good Bay are put out. There are still a dozen buildings burning in the district. The salves and potions are almost all gone. When a man rushes up to them.
"Help! Can anyone help!"
Aiauta stands, "What's the problem."
"My friends kids are trapped in a burning building and no one it seems can get them out!"
"I'm Aiauta I may be able too."
"Lassie, There's a burning beam in front of the door. It take a much stronger man than a little lady elf to free it up. I need a few good men!"
"I think I can handle it. Us elves have more to offer than just brawn. I'll come with you."
The dock worker looks hesitant and untrusting but he nods, "Guess any help will do then come on with me."

Aiauta arrives with the man at the burning house. It's a blaze. There are screams coming out from behind the doorway. Three men are struggling with crowbars trying to move a burning crossbeam in front of the threshold. She recognizes one of them a bounty hunter she crossed paths with a few years ago.
She quickly analyzes the problem and the problem of getting the children out. She then yells out to them, "All of you stand back. You'll be burnt by the flames."
The bounty hunter recognizes her and immediately stands well away from the door. Of the other two upon seeing him move away one of them the short one follows him but the tall lanky one still struggles frantically with the beam. Aiauta goes up to him and whispers some words into his ear. He falls to the ground. She then backs up, "Move him away from the door."
While they are doing that she makes intricate hand movements and several incantations. An elemental shield wraps round her body, and another magic shield to prevent debris from falling upon her goes up. She looks to the others, "I am now protected from the fire. I will weaken the beam near the door once that is done break it up. I'll go in and get them."
The three still standing give her the thumbs up. Aiauta puts her fist into the palm of the other hand and concentrates. She starts her incantation in a whisper and as it progresses her voice raises to a screaming crescendo.
She throws her hands out. A high pitched wave of sound burst from them hitting the beam square in its middle. It cracks the men rush it including the father who has awakened. They make quick work of it now pulling the two pieces out of the threshold. Aiauta rushes in.
The screams she had heard when she arrived have died off to whimpers. She searches the house frantically watching the strength of her elemental shield. She chokes on the smoke but moves on. There at the other end of the house in a small bedroom Two children lie on the floor they are severely burnt but still whimpering.
At least they are alive but how can she get them out. She is now out of spells, potions and this is no place to either move them in their condition or try to put salves on them. She quickly opens her spell case and digs a spell out of it. She then cries as she knows she can only save one. Her own body cannot take the damage of both...……or can it.
They say that the change itself can have certain healing effects. She looks around for any other way. and finds none. She makes her decision She thinks to herself, "Two young lives for one grown adult. I can die for that. Her bones and muscles stretch. The pain comes. Once finished she goes up to the children and rolls the small scroll out.
She reads the incantation the spell components disappear. She puts her mouth almost upon the mouth of the smallest one. Black vapors erupt from it. She breaths all of them in. As quickly as she can she places her mouth over the second. The process is repeated as burns start to cover her body. She screams at the healed children, "Run! Run! as fast as you can."
They start to run. In excruciating pain Aiauta concentrates. Her bones shorten muscles become denser. She half walks, half crawls out of the burning building. The group of four men gently carry the stricken mage back to Willies and the herbalist.
As they walk back one of the children asks, "Who is that?"
Sneed looks over to him, "That's the woman that save you Donny and your brother"
"No it isn't"
"What do you mean?"
"The one who saved us was a silver haired angel with glowing eyes and the bluest of skin"
Sneed laughed, "Fire was playing tricks on your eyes, Donny. She's the only one that went into the building."
"If you say so, Uncle Sneed. Still...…..I don't know. She looks nothing like what I saw."
"It's ok we all see visions when in that kind of trouble. no worries. Just be thankful a mage be willing to help out."
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Re: Dragonlance Chronicles Reborn

Postby Winterhawk99 » Thu Jul 25, 2019 5:53 am

Aiauta opens her eyes to find she is laying on a bed in a small room. There are a vast array of potted plants surrounding her. She immediately looks at her arms. They are brown and free of injury. She breaths a heavy sigh of relief. That is when she hears a voice.
"Finally up and about are we now. It be three days It has."
She looks over to find the herbalist in a chair leaning over and meeting her eyes.
"What happened? Where am I?"
"What's the last thing you remembers, Aiauta?"
She thinks back before she replies, "I...…… There were two children. They were burnt and I had to move them but couldn't I knew a spell. A very dangerous spell. but It would only heal one unless...…… unless I did something...…..She closes her eyes. That's all I remember."
Well You's a hero now. Even the mayor sent you flowers. organizing the docks. Helping me heal all those people. And the two children. You got friends you don't even know now. And I say good on you."
"I don't think I understand?"
"Well I guess I be the one filling you in seeing that I be volunteer'in to help watch you. You see after you come out of that burning house. The locals you helped sent you straight to me. I had me some of me strongest healing potions stashed away in me robes. You know just in case. They got to me quick enough that I was able to heal yous up real good but you wouldn't wake up. We be trying everything. So me and the fellows you helped stayed with you till morning we did.
Morning come and you teacher goes and shows up along with a lot of important types never go along the docks unless of course they be need'in to go somewheres. That teacher of yours examines you and they tells they be taking you here to the temple of the big dragon. We don't like them high and mighty types so we say only if one of us can be watching you till you up and about. Funny thing is they agree. Some of them laughs at us but they agree. So every 1/4 day or so someone be watching you till you wake."
"Do you know what actually happened?"
"Aye I do. T'was a demon t'was. A single demon entered the city and ravaged it. Even threw a bunch of spells just like a mage he did. It be having goat feet, great black wings and glowing red eyes. Folks all over swear to it. There be many a story come out of this. Even some stories bout you. they be fanciful they be. but that be neither here or there."
Aiauta suddenly sits up, "You said he had cloven feet? Just like a goats?"
"Aye, Aiauta That's what folk who saw em say. You be looking like you just seen a ghost."
"I may have. why was I asleep for so long when you said you healed me?"
"You teacher found the answer he did. Seems you overspent yerself with magic. He be noticing several blank places in yer books he did. He said you used all ye spells and when you needed more you read them straight out of your books. He said that that much magic at your abilities spent you twice as much as would normally do. He be saying you could be out for even a couple weeks."
Aiauta suddenly looks pained, "I must go. There are things that...….."
"You be staying right were you be. You earned it ye did. And there be lots of folk, Our kind of folk and them kind of folk want to meet with you. You be needing your rest and If I have to funnel a sleep potion it ye I will by the gods."
"I...… I am tired, and hungry."
"I'll have a good meal sent up for you I will."
"No need, I have all I need here." Aiauta takes up a bouquet of tulips and starts eating the pedals. The herbalist thinks its about the strangest thing she's seen a mage do. Afterward Aiauta drifts off to sleep. The herbalist keeps watch until a large burly man walks in, A man she knows is very high up in the local thieves guild. As she walks out she notices that he takes her hand and puts his forehead to it as if in prayer.
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Re: Dragonlance Chronicles Reborn

Postby Winterhawk99 » Thu Jul 25, 2019 5:54 am

Aiauta slips into the mage tower of Caergoth. The first thing she does is open the door to the classroom a crack to see what is going on. Master Bartrane is conducting a class on magic rings and their lore.
She quietly closes the door heading up the stairs to her room. Once there again she is confronted by pots and jars of flowers. Aiauta has mixed feelings about them. On the one hand she loves and appreciates the sentiment. On the other she knows that her notoriety will cast two many questions her way. She has to leave.
She opens the door locking it behind her so no one can see what she is up to. She packs her things slowly. Carefully leaving nothing of herself behind such as strands of hair or nail clippings, yet leaving everything behind that matches the persona she has created while staying here. For Aiauta the qualinesti is soon to die replaced by someone completely new. Who? She hasn't decided as of yet. All the linens, clothes, silks and magical thread she must leave behind along with anything she has collected over the last five years. She leaves all of it where it lay and when she is done packing she goes up to Bartrane's quarters.
He is not there. Going to one of the chairs in the far corner of the room she sits and waits.
Bartrane comes in with a stack of books. Moving behind his desk, he begins the process of setting each one in it's proper place.
Aiauta stands up and speaks, "Greetings, Master Bartrane."
Startled the old man drops the rest of his books and turns around. A big smile washes across his face as he walks up hugging her, "I almost thought you would never come back, my dear. You have extemporized yourself that night. I have so many questions about it."
She accepts the hug and listens to his prattling. When he is done she pushes his shoulders so that he is at arms length, "That is all well and good, Master Bartrane, But first I need my spell books."
"Yes, of course, of course, Aiauta. There are...… I also have questions on this village magic. You see I've never seen anything like it. I know its in some form of code. Still! I've seen my share of spells and even in code these look complex, very complex. Not what you would think of village magic?"
He sets her books upon the table, "I replaced what I could from what you used the night of the fires. It's the least I could do. I also.... put some new ones for you in the blank slots I could not fathom."
Aiauta places her hands upon the books and slides them to her. She inspects each and every one both counting the spells and noting every one as its reference on the first page. When the last one is read and she closes the cover; without looking up she says, "Thank you."
Bartrane rubs his hands together, "I don't want to push you before you're ready to start again, but when do you think would be a good time to carry on with your studies?"
She looks to him with sad eyes. The expressive smile falls off of his face and something new appears. It is concern.
"Questions. There are too many questions now. Notoriety breeds them, Master Bartrane. I had at one time hoped to be the first in my village to wear the robes. The first non-renegade of my people. Now I must move on. You see there will just be too many questions."
"But....." "Shush. Don't make it any harder for me. It's hard enough as it is.
I made you something to thank you with after I passed the test. The spell is called 'From You to Me'. Perhaps one day you will be able to read it. The rest is for you to ponder until you understand it. I'll be going now. Know that I will always hold your teachings close to my heart."
The professor takes the scroll rolling it out on the table. Seeing he cannot read it he rolls it back up, turns around and places it on a shelf. He returns with a small pouch he has fingered from on top of it, "A gift for a gift then Aiauta. It's a much smaller gift than what you have given. I hope it helps you on your journey."
She opens it finding a small amulet. Within its center, surrounded by two silver rings lies a small ruby: Magically inserted within a prism of quartz. The amulet is small, but when she puts it on the light from the room refracts off of the prism sending it into the ruby giving it a soft glow. Making it seem somehow bigger.
"It's a common enough graft that jewelers use to entice buyers to pay more than it is worth. The gift is to remind you not to trust everyone. Even if they have a kind smile."
Aiauta accepts the gift, "Thank you. I will keep it close to my heart."
She turns to walk out of the office when Bartrane speaks up once again, "Aiauta two things?....Please?"
She swings her head to the side while keeping her back to him, for the tears can be controlled no longer.
"What are they?"
"Will I see you again?"
"Remember to say your good-byes to your friends. Perhaps their stories may persuade you differently."
"I will."
"Good-bye then Aiauta. My doors are always open for you. If you ever chose to rejoin us."
Aiauta walks out without saying another word.
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Re: Dragonlance Chronicles Reborn

Postby Winterhawk99 » Thu Jul 25, 2019 5:55 am

Aiauta meets Nicholas, Sally, and William near the entrance by the statue of the schools founder. They all try to hug her at once, which makes an awkward scene. She picks Sally up in her arms.
Sally hugs the elf round her neck. William steps back as Nicholas hugs her from the other side.
He exclaims, "So glad to have you back! I can't follow the old man's teachings as well as yours, Aiauta. And Hey! Look at this! The regiment presented me with a metal for getting everyone together in the west district. Thanks for the advise. It worked out really well."
Aiauta smiles at him, "You're welcome, Nicholas."
Sally taps on her shoulder, "Nicholas is so rude! I'm the smallest. And I'm a girl. I should have gone first!"
Aiauta turns her head to the child, laughing, "Ok. Tell us your story."
Sally puts her hands up to her head and scrunching her face remembering the night, "You told me to find as many priest and healers as I could. And send them to the others. So...… I ran to the temple first. I told the nice lady there about how the mage apprentices were trying to help but needed temple people to work with them. I guess she got the idea cause she asked where the other apprentices were."
She then throws her hands straight up, "That's when I remembered that I was so excited that I left before knowing where everyone was going! So...… The kind lady. She asked if I could find all of you? That's when I remembered that I still have a whole bunch of finder cantrips in my head. Well mostly cause I forget where everything is and have to find them again.
So...… I casts the spells. I found Nicholas and William easy, but I couldn't find you Aiauta?" She starts to pout, "Its like there was a cloud interrupting my vision. I just couldn't find you."
Aiauta smiles at her, "It worked out for the best. Go on."
"Well I followed the nice lady around awhile. She gave orders to other people. She must be to them what master Bartrane is to us. We all went outside. Some went to every district. I stayed by the nice lady. We tracked down William and helped him as much as we could. He said you went to the docks.
The docks looked really bad, Aiauta. The nice lady told us to stay here and help. Then she ran south into the smoke and flames.
When everything was done she came back. She told me I was very brave and gave me this ring. It helps me remember where everything is."
Aiauta grins, "It's a very nice ring, Sally."
Their eyes turn to William as Sally ends her story.
William gives her a half-smile, "I see you're dressed for traveling. I wouldn't think that Bartrane would send you couriering so soon?"
Aiauta returns the smile, "He's not."
The look tells William all he needs to know, "You're leaving us aren't you?"
She sadly affirms, "I have too."
Aiauta suddenly feels two small fists pound into her shoulder, "YOU CAN'T LEAVE! YOU CAN'T LEAVE! DON'T YOU KNOW HOW MUCH WE LOOK UP TO YOU! DON'T YOU KNOW HOW MUCH WE LOVE YOU!"
Sally grabs Aiauta's neck and hugs it as hard as she can, "I won't let you leave! I'll hold on as tight as I can so you can't" She starts to bawl on Aiauta's neck.
Aiauta swings her round to the front of her, cradling her like a babe, "It's ok, Sally. Everyone has to leave at one time or another. It's just my time."
She stops her crying for a moment, "I don't care. You didn't do anything wrong. Master Bartrane even said so! He loves you too. Stay with us. You can even have my ring. I don't want the nasty old ring now. I want you to stay!"
Aiauta hands the crying, sniffling girl off to Nicholas, "I'm sorry, Sally. Perhaps in time, when you're all grown up, You'll understand better. Here. Take this to remember me by."
She pulls her old necklace from one of her pockets handing it to Sally, "It will protect you and even better: If you happen upon a mean old draconian he will think you a friend and let you alone."
Sally looks at the amulet in her hand. She stops crying for a moment. She then throws it on the ground, "I don't want your old used up amulet! I want you Aiauta! You're a nobleman Nicholas. You can make her stay. You can order her to stay!"
She begins to bawl again. This time on Nicholas's shoulder. His eyes find Aiauta's. She gives him a nod; her own eyes picking up a glassy texture.
Nicholas picks up the necklace and carries Sally up the stairs to the living quarters while telling her, "I think William want's to say his good-byes alone and you need some sleep young lady...." His voice fades away. Now only William and Aiauta stand together looking awkwardly at one another.
"Hump. well the city put out for a mage belt like yours Aiauta. They said it was for extemporary service in helping with the fires. It helps me remember more spells."
"Good on you, William. You earned it."
"I didn't do much really. Cast a few spells. Brought people together. That's all."
"Sometimes its better to help others find courage than to be courageous yourself."
"Yea, I can't believe it. A simple finder's cantrip. A simple spell to help mages find their house keys and lost components called your bluff."
She looks at him curiously, "What do you mean?"
"I mean there is no Aiauta. Not really. Finder cantrips are weak. They only show you where something or someone is. Nothing more. If you can't find them; it means that something isn't real about them.
I don't know who you really are Aiauta or what you're running from. I just want you to know that I know something isn't true about you, and it doesn't matter one bit.
We love you and are saddened by the loss of you."
"You'll make a fine mage one day, William. I hope you keep up with your studies and survive your test."
"Thank you."
"The ship won't wait for me. I have to be going." Aiauta turns to leave.
"Aren't you forgetting something, Aiauta?"
She turns around, "What is it then?"
"Something to remember you by. I don't want some trinket or bauble that can be lost. I want something that is forever. Something that burns in my mind."
She raises an eyebrow in curiosity.
"I've never kissed a woman. Not a real kiss." Before she can react he walks up, throws his hands around her waist, and gives her a passionate kiss. So stunned by his move she can do nothing but accept it for a moment then she pushes him away, "Good-bye, William. Safe travels to you."
She turns around and walks out the door. His eyes linger upon the open portal, "Good-bye, Aiauta. You'll never know how much you've changed our lives. May the gods smile upon you and safe travels."
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Re: Dragonlance Chronicles Reborn

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Aiauta boards a ship to Crossings as the sun sets behind her. A single tear falls from her face as she stands at the aft looking to the city. After a week she lands at the small town. Many that know her ask how the progress of recovery is going in the city of Caergoth. She tells them of the most recent events and moves on.
Taking the caravan she moves on to Solace and The inn of three friends. From there she moves south toward the abandoned citadel. Before she comes upon the mountains that separate her from the old fort she goes to the side of the road to a familiar camp. There she rests.
In the morning she is greeted by a giant of a wolf. She puts her hand up to it. It sniffs her and bows its head for her to scratch it behind the ears. The two disappear into the woods.

Several weeks later a smallish Kagonesti elf appears near the camp she is small in stature 4'10" with a tan olive skin flame red hair and deep green eyes. The giant of a wolf greets her. As she lets him sniff his hand he becomes confused. She scratches his throat as his eyes roll over in pleasure. The wolf licks her ear and departs back into the forest.
The woman travels to Solace. Taking a room at the local inn. While waiting tables and looking after the other servers Tika wanders to her table, "Is everything alright, ma'am. May I get you something?"
"A salad would be wonderful."
"Don't get many Kagonesti our way. Is there a name I may call you, lass."
"my name is Rosemallow."
"I love when the Rosemallow blooms in the late spring. It's a good name."
"Thank you, do you have any fruit juices?"
"We have better than that Rose. We have a maple sap juice I just know you will love.
"Thank you."
"Tika retreats from the table with the news that a Kagonesti has come to Solace."
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Re: Dragonlance Chronicles Reborn

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There is one last thing that Rosemallow knew she had to do for her to completely cover herself. She was taught long ago that if she were to seek and circumstances appear to go the direction which would reveal her nature: She must remove all traces of her past from her person. However there was one problem, one bond which she knew she would be hurt both emotionally and physical to which she dreaded must happen now. So she makes the long journey to near the ruins of Purstal.
There she finds a dead tree so that Heckle could perch comfortably. When he is comfortable she touches his mind one last time, "Heckle, friend, companion, You with me for fifty turning of seasons. We needs part now. You ready, older. Time to find mate. Have little ones. I free from bond. Always welcome in home. When find mate can make nest in home if wants. I come home fifteen more turning of seasons. You can see again if want, but no bond."
The little winged lizard hops back on her shoulder. Another mind answers her in its simple alien dialect within her own head, "No want be with you now?"
She takes her arm and has him perch on it again. Taking her other arm she hugs him being careful he doesn't accidently sting her with his lethal poison, "Oh, little one I want to stay with you but cannot. You need be free. Ride the hot winds. become strong. find mate. All creatures must one day move to next thing. this your time."
She puts him back on the dead tree limb, "Will hurt. Will miss."
She smiles as tears start to fall, "No hurt. I hurt. You no hurt. Will miss, you too. You know home. Can stay. Many Sting-Wings near."
"I go home."
"You go home, Heckle. Find mate. Live good life."
She tenderly takes his jesses off his legs. As he flies off she releases the bond between them. She almost feints as a part of her mind is ripped away from her. It takes hours to recover any sense to the world. When the pain stops, the white moon comes out 3/4 full.
She travels through the desert several days to the way station east of the dunes. From there another several weeks by caravan back the way she came to Tarsis. On the journey she speaks to no one. For the loss of her only true friend weighs heavy on her soul.
Boarding a ship she goes to crossing and then south through the mountain passes and finally Hillhome where the dwarves ply their crafts.

"Greetings, master dwarf. I would like you to make something special for me. I have good coin."
"The Dwarf looks at the Kagonesti with more than a bit of suspicion, "What you nature lovers want from an old dwarf? Thought you didn't like metal things?"
"I'm not your average," She says while rolling out a large scroll, "I need a small cage built upon a round iron plate that is strong enough to keep an Ogre out yet small enough not to let a fly inside. the cage must be removable. The iron plate should be about 12 inches in diameter and about 3/8 to a 1/4 inch thick. This is the basic plan. The cage round and should be steel and made not to flex but not brittle either. 3-4 inches tall."
The dwarf looks at her drawing on the scroll scratches his beard and mentions, "You know lass if I would be knowing what this be for I could help you out a lot easier. Don't know what you would be catching with something strange as this?"
The elf smiles to him, "It's not for keeping something in good dwarf. It's for keeping something out. You see them little fairies' have taken a liking to the pies I make for evening meal. They keep stealing them."
The old dwarf sticks his finger up in the air, smiling, "Ah! Now I see ye problem lassie. I think I can be coming up with something just right. may even be able to put some good ole dwarven forging magic in for you. That is for a price."
"What would be your price for such a thing?"
"5,000 gold not steel."
"I offer 3,000. Tis a small thing I ask."
"Tis small yes, but intricate and for magic to keep out the fey folk. That be costly. 4,500."
"I'll tell you what good dwarf. I have a means for testing the cage. If a sprite can penetrate the barrier to the pie I will pay you 4,000 and you must modify it until it cant. If you deny the sprite entrance then I will offer you 4,250. So it will be your craftsmanship put to the test."
"You be a smart wench you be, Kagonesti. I accept the challenge then. Come back in a week leave 2,000 at the table."
She leaves two large bags at the table. The dwarf weights them then with a flick of his hand he waves her off."
Rosemallow goes to the local inn and pays for a room for two weeks. While she waits she meets the locals and writes down all she sees, hears and talks to from the dwarven folk about. She gets a sense of how these hard working scrappy people view the world.
After a week she comes back. The dwarf presents her with his contraption. It looks like a large iron plate with a mesh like cage bolted down upon it. The old dwarf smiles, "The cage will give a fairy a wee bit of a shock if they touch em. Not enough to harm, Just a warning if you be knowing what I mean. The cage locks down with these nuts. They got themselves wings so you be able to unlock them and take the cage out but the fey they cannot unlock the nuts. They be magicked against such folk turning them."
She nods as she looks it over and turns the nuts, "It looks beautiful. I see you added filigree to the mesh. Its a pretty design."
The dwarf laughs, "That be where the magic be lass. Dwarven runes make up that design but I made them delicate and deceptive like the fey you want to be keeping out of you pie. So, You ready to do this test of yours?"
Rosemallow traces her fingers in the air round herself. As she does a green line appears. She weaves a pattern of archaic symbols about her body and in a moment she disappears replace by a sprite, Wings pumping in the air a reef of leaves covering her tiny body. The sprite attacks the cage with great effort. She looks for cracks in the mesh to squeeze between. Every time her body touches the items there is a spark and she must fly some distance to get her bearings about her again.
Next she does her best to undo the screws attaching the cage to the plate. They do no spark but neither do they move. Satisfied the sprite disappears replaces by Rosemallow once again, sweaty and strained.
"I am most impressed by your creation Master dwarf. I will add a bonus of 100 coin."
The dwarf laughs, "A mage of the forest. I should-a known. You're welcome lass. Now for the coin?"
"Of coarse." Rosemallow puts the gold up on the table. Three bags. The Dwarf weights them, spits on his hand and holds it out. Rosemallow does the same and shakes it.
"One more thing lass. Me folk not all impressed with you mage types but I see ye have a good heart in ya. You welcome anytime to return if you want to."
"Right then, Rosemallow. Fare thee well."

The small child. Looking perhaps 10 or 11 no more looks up at her mother holding her hand, "Why are the other children going out into the desert and I'm staying here?"
"The other children go out to call animal companions. They will come back with young creatures, birds, cats, spiders, some may call forth baby jaguars or sting lizards."
"Why can't I go with them? I want a companion."
The woman picks her up, "And you will, but you must take a different path Aiauta. Why do you think I am teaching you the languages of the animals when others are learning their spells right now. You see. You are destined to take my place many centuries from now, when I am old and can longer lead the village. You must find a different way to coax an animal too you. For if you cannot convince a creature of small intelligence to work with you how will you convince a human or elf that our village is of no interest to them. A simple spell of summoning and enchantment to do the same is too easy."
The little girl pouts, "I don't want to lead the village, momma. I just want to watch the butterflies."
The woman laughs, "There will always be time for butterflies, little one. And think on this my smart little girl. You will know what to do when you meet someone very different from us by calling a creature to you and talking to it into service rather than enchanting it. You will learn to deal with others this way. Now, when you have fully understood animal we will go to the place of lizards and you will convince one to join you. It may take months but you will have your companion."
"Why do you make it so hard, Momma?"
"Because a future leader must weigh all the circumstances, my child and only from a perspective of understanding may they do so.
Let us go now. We have our own lessons to learn."
Rosemallow wakes up with a start. she pours a pitcher of water into a large bowl on the table and washes her face while remembering the past. She frowns at the thoughts that invade her mind. Toweling herself dry she goes back to bed thinking about the demands of her birth and if there were any way to circumvent the path laid out before her.

The tiny log cabin rests in the forest between Frenost and Bianost many leagues west of Qualinost. An old and wrinkled, bent over Kagonesti comes out the door when he hears a knock. He looks to his visitor and makes a sign. She makes one in return. It is an old sign that he knows. Much older than what a young elf should know.
He studies her noting her slightly drooping eyes. taking out a pipe and lighting it he asks in elven. What does a young maid such as yourself want with an old elf such as I?"
"A place to stay for a few weeks, months, until I am done with my tasks. I have trade coin."
The old elf squints his eyes looking at the horizon, "Have no use for trade coin here girl. You'll have to do better than that."
"In my studies I have heard that warlocks like to conserve their energies. I could light the fires. clean the house do all the things a maid does while staying. Also potions to ease an old one's bones. I could also make a good meal: save you from the day to day chores."
Still looking out into the distance the old elf shakes his head, "No meals from you, no, thank you girl. I like a good rabbit with my breakfast. I don't suppose you be willing to get me one. Besides that. I hate the taste of mushrooms. What's your name?"
She narrows her eyes. Her fingers go into a pouch. He takes note of it without moving, "Rosemallow."
"Don't want the name you gave yourself. I want your given name, girl?"
His eyes drift back and study hers again, "So. You are Transmuter, Or will be when the time comes."
"H...…….How! Are you...……" He waves her off, "No, I'm not. I'm just old and seen more things than most. You can stay. You can stay if you go and do all those things plus two more. First, Tell me what you really doing on the reaches of the fey wood. Second, I want you to teach me a few spells. Of your magic not the elven magic or the damn slave magic the humans embraced. Your magic in your language. That's my price. Take it or leave it, princess or whatever you call yourself nowadays."
Rosemallow frowns, "There are no princes or...……." He waves her off again, "I'm loosing my patience, girl. What you here for?"
She sighs, "I just want to bake some apple pies."
For a second the old elf is mystified. When he understands he gives off a hearty laugh and points his finger at her, "Transmuter! Right! can't get a simple spell to work for you. Ha! I'll enjoy this. You can sleep on the couch. Remember your promises to me. Don't suppose I could see you for real could I?"
"No. It isn't in the contract, Warlock."
"Didn't think of it till now. Alright set yourself up. You can stay."

The old Elven warlock watches her the next morning place a fresh pie onto an iron plate and places a cage of dwarven craftsmanship on top locking it down with wing nuts. She takes it and starts to walk off the porch.
"You think you'll even find them, princess."
"They can't resist."
"It'll be cold for they smell the damn thing."
Her eyes turn to him. She smiles and touches the iron plate saying an incantation. The plate starts to glow red. cooked apples and cinnamon fills the air, along with a hint of nutmeg.
He takes the pipe out of his mouth and points it at her, "Slave magic. I thought better of the great sorcerers."
Her eyes stop drooping a moment. They become angry, "They are slaves no more. They are their own people. Unique in their own way."
"Maybe you don't remember lassie. Too young. But I remember. They will always be slaves. If not to the elves. If not to your people. Then among themselves, Minotaurs, Dragon armies. It does not matter the humans can and do enslave themselves as readily as we once enslaved them. They are weak and short lived. They don't have time enough to find the greater things in life. Think that fancy cage gonna stop a mad fairies do you." He chuckles and waves her off.
She turns her head rather sharply and walks into the woods. Late in the evening she comes back pie in hand still in the cage. She finds him in his rocking chair smiling, "Don't worry princess. Eventually they will find you."
"Stop calling me that! I'm no princess."
The old elf smiles and places his pipe in his mouth, "Well now you done for the day there you can start to keeping your promise here."
For two weeks the young Kagonesti bakes a pie in the night goes out with it in the morn and comes back late afternoon. The old warlock taunts her with a whole array of discussions. He offers her venison, insults her intelligence, her peoples customs. Every night she ignores him goes in and does the housework as if she lived alone.
On the 15th day she comes back pie in hand covered head to toe in mud. The cake also covered in mud. The old warlock laughs, "Finally find them did you. I don't see one with ya, princess."
"I still have one thing old elf of the woods."
"What's that?"
"I still have my pie." giving him a wicked smile, just before she goes in the door and shuts it."
"I expect you be cleaning up all that mud young lady!"
The next day she comes back drenched. Some parts even show a little more than they should. The old elf laughs hard, "Aye you a true beauty, princesses and I see you don't have your pie this time do you."
"Nor they old elf. It dissolved. Too bad for them."
The old man laughs as she goes in the door.
The next day when she comes back the warlock laughs even harder. Her hair has been turned to leaves and she doesn't know it.
"What are you laughing about now."
"Now there's a sight to see a wild elven princess with the hair to match."
She feels her hair, sighs and shakes it. The leaves turn back to the silky red hair she came to him with.
The old elf laughs, "Now that's the old magic I'm interested in."
She prances up the stairs to the cabin, "As you well know old elf. You can't have that one piece of magic."
"You still have a promise to keep, princess."
She turns and walks in the door.
For another three months the young elf comes back partially charmed, bedazzled, once naked except of course for the pie, "Got to hand it to you, princess. You got spunk. So what do you have to wear now? You keep going you wont have any clothes and have to live like a nymph."
"I have more clothes and besides; I still have my pie."
The old elf just shakes his head as she goes up the stairs trying to hide herself with the pie plate.
Then one afternoon everything changed. She comes up the path and upon her shoulder is a creature the size of a cat with butterfly wings. long slim leather straps fall from its ankle and platinum butterfly wings sprout from its back. The young Kagonesti walks up to the warlock with a proud smile upon her face. The weird dragon like creature munches sticky apple pie from her fingers.
The warlock smiles at the young elf, "So you did it princess. Finally got one of them to join you. Have you made the bond yet?"
"Her name is Nym."
"Thought I saw a gold tinge in the wings. good on you. Expect you will be leaving soon. there is of course the question of final payment."
"I know." She walks in the door. A half-hour later she comes back ready for travel with two scrolls in her hand. She hands them to the warlock, "I trust you can read them?"
Undoing one of the scrolls he studies it intently, "I'm rusty of course but yes, I can read it."
"I'll be going now." She starts to walk off the porch when the old elf says, "Hold on just a moment, there princess."
She turns around the dragon aggravated by the swift move unbalances her. She lands in the dirt. Both dragon and elf laugh. She dusts herself off, "What is it?"
"Just so happens I got me something that's more important to you and yours than me and mine." He pulls something out of his vest carefully wrapped in parchment paper and extends his arm for her to take it. She walks back up the porch accepting it from him.
Opening it up she finds an ink well. She examines it and looks to him mystified.
"There are some things more important than magic young lady. That is an ink well taken from a plantation by a slave over a thousand years ago. Maybe two thousand. That ink well started a revolution that was the downfall of an entire race. Look at the bottom of it.
The woman looks to the bottom and is stunned. Tears fill up her eyes as she traces the runes that mark a name in an ancient language, "Thank you."
The warlock smile, "I knew you had heart princess. Good that you relish the past too. Wasn't mine to keep you know. Just waiting for the right person to come along. Now get you going off my property. No need for one such as you lingering around seeing what I be doing at night."
She throws a kiss to the old elf, turns and makes her way into the woods with her new companion. The old warlock sucks on his pipe and smiles for the quiet company these last few months.
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