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A "Mod" adds or changes items in base Skyrim game. This is a short list of what we have found as really Useful or Beautifying mods for Skyrim.

Feel like you missed some location(s) on the map?

Postby Bannor Bloodfist » Thu Apr 26, 2012 9:31 pm

The The Cartographers Map Markers by Feyawen may be the solution.

Note: I use the console command "TMM 1,0,1" which shows all the markers but does NOT make them fast travel capable until AFTER you physically visit them.

So, the combination of TMM and the above mod, is like purchasing a Rand McNally map of of the world.

I found many locations that I was never pointed towards by the various quests, some of them quite interesting. Most of the "extra" locations are just places where you might find a Hunter's Camp, or a waylaid wagon, or an empty building (other than various loot that is) etc.

Well worth the mod.
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