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Progress post 03 2017: Raw findings

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Raw findings (progress post 3 2017)

Those sources, which Bannor was able to collect back in 2014, contained three very unfinished scenes: Meggins, Mill and Trough. The scenes date back to May/June 2005.
Here are some editor-screens:




All these scenes don’t have the walkmesh. And, as you can see, these scenes are missing most of the textures and we weren’t able to find them anywhere. For some of the missing textures, we found textures with a similar naming. But still, the following screens show results which contain guessed or test textures:


We know, that the walls are supposed to be “old_wood02”, but what it looks like and if the planks are orientated vertically or horizontally is a riddle.
The roof, the porch and the floor boards were one object. So one could assume, that these had a (different = old_wood3) wooden plank texture, too.

Well, I played around with some textures and in the current stage, the roof uses the default DLA texture and the porch roof is a (tno) thatch texture.

I added the chimney (port from the smithy group) and the windows (based on those to be found in the mill scene). And I moved one tree towards the back, because it was placed directly in the middle of the porch with branches sticking through the roof. Tons of little additional adjustments/fixes have been made, too. But it’s not too far from being finished.


This scene is very rough. Many objects have been manipulated without a ResetXForm. There is no texture reference in it! The scene had the standard DLA-roof texture loaded, but not applied.

I test-wise applied a stone wall texture and a (tno) thatch roof.
Still, this one is pretty far from being finished.

Again: The textures in Meggins and Mill are - up to now - test-textures only = not a final decision.


We’re totally aware of the fact, that the Trough is, according to the Dragonlance lore, supposed to be on the ground. But since this scene was called “Trough”, we decided to keep the model as it is, since it seem to have been a design decision by DLA.

As with the other two scenes, many textures were missing. Since this is a “tree house model”, we assumed, that the textures in use should be the same as in the other “tree house groups”.

The windows are a riddle, because the gaps in the mesh do not fit for the windows of the existing models, except maybe those of Majere, which is a model, which differs a bit in design from the rest. So, the windows are a “new” creation based on those from Majere.

The bridge access was missing and the designed entry onto the bridge would not connect to the standard DLA-bridge walkways (the same issue is to be found on the Majere model…). So I moved it to one side (with the approval of Bannor).

Meanwhile, the Trough belongs to the “nearly” finished group: It has the “new” tree leaves and the roots leaves mentioned in progress posts 1&2 2017. Single sized double door is in and working, too.

So, when you look at the last three “progress posts”, you see, that this whole project involves a bit “DLA-archeology” - sort of. :D

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