Anchorome Revived
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Anchorome Revived

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I've been seeing a server by the name of Anchorome on the new Beam Dog persistent world boards for a while. It was stuck up there in red meaning it is a private server and you needed a password to get in.
When I came in from working two weeks today I see that its changed from a private server to a public server. In its description its set up as a beta testing module. So I went in and was fortunate enough to meet the owner. I believe his name is Frodothefluffy.
Very nice person. He explained that he found the module and completely revamped it. While speaking with him I only went around 3 areas so did not see much. I'm excited to see what he has done with the mod so far. I also pointed him in our direction for some general lore about our past server.
Based on his description it will and adventure mod with pvp areas and roleplaying. I need to finish my notes and write my review on Alangara Rising before I delve into this but I think I will really like whats going on when I study the new Anchorome and will update on this soon
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