Life and Times of Lauriella Sithmore
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Life and Times of Lauriella Sithmore

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I have a new book. It is called the life and Times of Lauriella Sithmore.

Lauriella is a review character I played for 2 years while reviewing servers. She turned out to be a really great character where every sever that she went to the people and dms changed and influenced her. She evolved in some ways and devolved in others.

The four threads I have on these forums have combined over 120,000 views. Seems folk like to read about her story. So, I turned those threads into a book. I worked out some inconsistencies that can happen sever to server and added maybe 15 or 20% to her story.

You have the stories about her you can read on the forums and now you can download this book and have the story forever.

I do have to give a couple of warnings about the book.

I've always managed to avoid anything involving graphic sex in my novels. There is plenty of sex in them but it's more like a couple find a room (fade to black) type deal. In this one I felt one scene for shock value needed to be a bit more graphic. it's only a few sentences where our protagonist encounters a demon entrapped in a containment circle. He says some pretty raunchy stuff to get her to break the circle, but she doesn't

The other warning, I have deals with writing style. A friend of mine wants to learn cursive and asked if I could do some of it so she could practice reading it. Early in the book I take the letters Lauriella has written and converted them to an easy-to-understand cursive script. So, it does have quite a bit of cursive in it. It is a good book to learn cursive with. If you don't like it, you can easily skip the cursive in the book and still enjoy a great read or you could use an editor that doesn't see the script and it will automatically be converted to print. (I Think)

The author's notes at the beginning of the book should explain anything else I need to say. The book is fan fiction so you can download it completely for fee. Merry Christmas everyone.

The Life and Times of Lauriella Sithmore!AkALWuBD7wYDgeFV7efMWeURlvGhEQ
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