One year Anniversary
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One year Anniversary

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So, Its the one year anniversary of the release of my very first novel, Children of Hell Desperation. I wrote the book with the idea that many of the players on Anchorome and Harvest moon may like the idea of their characters story continuing past the server. As I was writing the book I often commented to Angelhawk that if 2 or 3 hundred people downloaded it I would consider it a success because those 2 or 3 hundred would probably be the regular players that played on the servers for the years that they were running.
Little did I know how many more would download it in just the first year. I am amazed that over 8,000 people have viewed and hopefully read the book in just one year. And its my first book. I thank each and every one of you. The book has become an amazing success because many of you read the book, liked it and told friends about it. I never thought that a book I wrote would get so many interested and download it from this small site out in the woods so to speak :).
For those who have read the first book. You know there has to be a second. I left the ending way out in the open. This second book is much more of a struggle. Mostly due to work, time and many other things in life that are preoccupying my limited time. In fact I'm feeling like George R Martin, Well maybe the next book will be out in 5-6 years LOL. Well I don't think it will take quite so long. I am currently working on the bottom of chapter 6 and have 100 pages written of the next book. Children of Hell: Separation. It will take some time but I am working on it.
There will be one more book after this 2nd book, which will finish the trilogy. After that Angel and I have an a brand new fantasy idea in the works. We will be breaking away from putting our stories in the worlds of other games and create our very own world concept.
In the near future Black Rider has asked me to build for him on his server Dragonlance Chronicles Reborn. I have accepted his request and will be adding a few things to his persistent world when I have the time to do so. I will also encourage him to transfer the world from NWN to NWN enhanced (the beamdog version)
As far as the site Harvest Moon Consortium. I will keep it up as long as I can. It has a bunch of good 3DsMax tutorials. Everything from learning to work with Alpha channels to UVW mapping. The old forums have lots and lots of stories from the persistent worlds of Anchorome and Harvest Moon. Many like to read the stories and perhaps get ideas for their own campaigns. I hope that through the years it has been online that folk have been able to hone their skills in modeling and enjoy the stories. Many have thanked my staff and I for keeping the site up. We will continue to do that. Black Rider is our newest Administrator and as soon as I can afford it I'll look for a web designer to revamp the site to do some modernization.
Once again I thank everyone for reading the book and enjoying the site. I would also like to thank all those people that helped me by teaching me how to operate an RPG. I cant for the life of me remember all of them through the years but some include Mermut, Rdjparadis, Dallo, Tri-Kreen, Bannor Bloodfist, DM Mask, Borden ha'elven, Axe Murderer, Nereng, Micheal Darkangel and many, many others. Without their help and encouragement I would have never embarked on the journey of learning how to make video games or writing books.
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