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Author's blurb

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Angel said that if I get up to 10,000 views (hopefully everyone downloaded it) I should do a blurb even though there isn't much to tell. so here goes.

I'm Winterhawk. Steve Weber.

I grew up in small town western Pennsylvania. graduated high school and took off to the army. During my 4 years of service was introduced to D&D. It was a good way to spend time when doing guard duty or when garrison duty was really light. Was honorably discharged in 89 and went to gunsmithing school. Graduated with an applied associates in 91.

While doing that I did a lot with the society for creative anachronism. Fought with heavy weapons, fencing, heraldry, and poetry. even managed to get a dozen or so poems in the national library.

Started working for a small german shotgun company and left the gaming world and SCA for more relevant things in life. Didn't play or read any fantasy books for a long time. That all changed in 2001 with the introduction of NeverWinterNights.

Started playing and figured out basic scripting put a mod on the vault. it was pretty bad so I shelved building for awhile. Started playing persistent worlds Then building, scripting and tileset making. Came up with my own idea to start a new world in 2006 that was Harvest Moon and started to get good with building techniques. The world went offline in 2012 and I stopped doing much again other than maintaining this site.

I got a new job with the Zoli shotgun distributor here in America. That's when I thought it might be nice to write a book for all the wonderful people and players of NWN. Children of Hell is the result.

I live in Dallas with my wife Angel and our dog Mera. Work on the second book when I can, and help out with Persistent worlds when I can. :)
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