Elder Fey'ri and the class of Samurai.
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Elder Fey'ri and the class of Samurai.

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The way I see the Samurai class is different from the PRC class of samurai or the oriental adventures class of samurai. This is how I integrate the differences between the way I do and others do it.

Tiamat and her minions were the first to teach mortals the way of the sword or bushido. This was the Elder Fey'ri and the old way of how to train to become this selective class. The Elder fey'ri in turn started to teach the way to humans several thousand years before campaign times. Due to time and incomplete training the humans either forgot the old ways or were never shown the complete form for once Tiamat found out that humans were being trained she wiped out any fey'ri that had the audacity to break her laws. So this is the class for the elder fey ri or The (old way)

Before even thinking about becoming a samurai you have to train to at least a level 10 fighter or any combination of Fighter/weapon master no less than level 10. You have to also have a weapon specialization in one melee weapon (Most but not all chose a Katana.)

Once you have completed no less than 10th level You may attempt the ceremony of life and death. It is a form of seppuku where you are not trying to die but attempting to call your ancestors to judge you worthy of the position.
There is a 30% chance you will outright die in the ceremony itself. Time to make a new character. Every level past tenth will give you a little better chance. about 5% per level.

The applicant must spit his heart in two with the weapon he is specialized in effectively killing himself for a few moments to hours. If their ancestors are called the ghosts will determine if the applicant is honorable, worthy and lawful enough to become samurai. If they are judged worthy The ancestors will strip the soul of the applicants and spiritually forge it into their weapon.

From then on until death the applicant is Samurai and can start to use what is called soul magic.

A samurai goes up in hit points, feats, skills and combat tables just like a fighter but has several new abilities.

The first thing is their eye color changes to an elemental color. Each samurai is tied to a particular element.
Red eyes denote fire
blue eyes denote water
Green eyes denote earth
white eyes denote air.

Their swords change into a magic sword of appropriate level for the samurai. Its usually a +2 or +3 sword with either a 1-4 or 1-6 damage bonus of the element of their affinity. One of the reasons that Elder fey'ri seek out exquisite metals for their weapons is the fact that since their souls are wielded into the weapon they want something nearly unbreakable for the ceremony. Adamantine and mithral are common materials for such weapons but when preforming the ceremony you must use a non-magical sword. If you try with a magical one you will die.
Samurai swords can gain more power as the samurai advances in level but that is up to the dm.

The down side of having a soul sword is that if someone somehow steals it or has it in their possession the samurai can be somewhat controlled by the person. If a character does this once the samurai gets it back they will be relentless in their revenge against that person.

Once the samurai dies the soul is released from the sword. The sword itself depending on the level of samurai and the honor that the samurai aquires may retain some of its abilites. a +4 fire sword with 3d4 fire damage from an extremely honorable samurai who died defending his liege or family may turn into a +2 fire sword with 1-6 damage after his or her death.

Once every 2 levels a samurai gets a spell like ability that matches their element. starting at level 1. It usually starts off with a 1rst level or second level spell and as the samurai progesses the spells become more potent. They can use each spell once a day.

Kioshi for instance has magic stone. stone spikes, Stone skin and turn to stone along with a few others. He is a very high level samurai.

Miwa in the first book completes her ceremony. In the first book she only has obscuring fog (1rst level mage spell) In the second she adds the spell walk on water.

These spells are either developed through meditation and the realization that they figure out how to do it or (and this is more common) They have a specific need at a moment and it happens like Kioshi did in his office to stop Miwa from killing someone very offensive to Kioshi.

That's it for now. If I think of anything else I'll add to it.
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