2nd Anniversery of the first book and update on the 2nd
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2nd Anniversery of the first book and update on the 2nd

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Hey everyone, good evening,

Well its hard to believe its been two years since I released the first book. After a year I had over 8,000 views hopefully most were downloads. Now that the second year has passed its had almost 21000 views. An astounding number. I thank everyone that downloaded it and really hope you enjoyed reading it.

I decided to put the update to the 2nd book here. I'm deep into chapter 17. Which means writing is almost over and editing will begin very soon. There's a lot of things I like in chapter 16 and a few things I don't like so far in chapter 17. so I'll log that in when I start to edit the book. I hope some folk are anticipating a good book coming up. That is if I can do it again. I am hoping that when finished Everyone will like it as much as they like the first book.

I hope everyone has a great veterans day and remembers those that sacrificed life, limb and years of their lives to serve their country. I salute my brothers and sisters in arms. Tanker for life :)
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