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One the first book I dedicated it to all the players of the old servers that breathed life into the world itself. On the second book I would like to dedicate it to the specific players/Dms that let me use their characters within the novels, along with one particular lifelong friend that loves my works.

The first I would like to dedicate the 2nd novel too is my girlfriend Angel Williams. She always has a kind word of my activities and knows there is more to come from within my head.

The second is Jim Lowry. A life long friend and lawyer that has spurred my creative juices whenever he may.

And lastly a few specific players of the persistent worlds Anchorome, Broodslayers, And Harvest Moon that let me incorporate their characters within my novels.

First and foremost RDJparidis who let me use Shaia in my stories.

Second Robert Reif and his little brother who calls himself Child of Stark. They played in game Seryne and Randyl Vail.
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