One Year anniversary of Children of Hell: Separation
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One Year anniversary of Children of Hell: Separation

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So, its been a year now since releasing Separation. I am humbled that I have over 15,000 hits one it the very first year. More than Desperation. I would thank everyone who enjoyed reading it.

My third book "A Field of Lilies" is very different and working its way though the US copywrite office now. It will be the first novel I can sell. I'm pretty excited about it. Tony Andarian another author and fellow NWN modder is reviewing the book now. When he finishes it, I will post it here at Harvest moon unless there are spoilers within.

On the last book of the Children of Hell Trilogy Children of Hell Resolution: I'm not sure when I will start it, but it will be soon. I'm writing a series of quests for a really good NWN server. When that is finished I'll start on the last CoH novel. I hope to have everyone enjoy it as much as they did the first two books.

I started Children of Hell as a dare from my lovely wife Angelhawk. I only expected the folk from the old servers I worked on to download it. I am so surprised and thankful on just how many have downloaded it. Thank you all.
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