The Off Duty Militiaman's Tale
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The Off Duty Militiaman's Tale

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"Adventurers. Pah."

"I thought you kinda liked having duty by their camp. Always something going on, you said."

"True enough. But a hoard of magic tossing mummies? I still stink and I went to the baths an everything."

"Mummies? From where?"

"They came from the road to the boneyard. But we've never gotten anything like that from there.Worst it's been is a zombie or two."

"Zombie are irritating enough. Scaring the cows."

"So they rekill em all and go haring off down the road, leaving me with a heap of corpses."

"Who was it?"

"Oh, our Seryne, the gorgeous thing--"

"Respect, man. She's too far out of our rank."

"Still beautiful. That woman really looks fine in armor--"

"So who else?"

"Those mages, Elith and Fawn, who has been practically living in the tombs lately. I sort of saw someone else during the fighting, but I got the mummy fear and didn't see her clear. Just someone all in red with a bow.
Oh, and that Liria."

"You don't like her?"

"What's to like? She's just a bard. They aren't anything but sidekicks. Though she can sing a battle song. I'll give her that."

"So then?"

"So after a while they came back all sick and sorry. The Captain and Lira helped me with the rest of the corpses, and then took off."

"What happened to them? Any idea?"

"When my relief came I went to talk with old Holav at the graveyard. He said he found a whole big cave under the tombs and that the mummies came from there. Those adventurers came in after him and rekilled the rest that were still down there."

"Huh. That's kinda creepy. He say anything else?"

"Nah. He threw up on my boot an told me to get out and let him sleep."

"You know, maybe you should toss those and get new ones. And go to the sauna at the Art Center and sweat the rest of the stink out."

"Yeah...I think maybe that'd be a really good idea. See ya later!"

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