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A fancy visitor

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- Did I tell you about that strange creature I saw down at the docks yesterday?
- No, what's up? not another of your delirious stories, I hope!
- I was sober, I swear - had only had a halfbottle of wine. It was down at the tavern. I had just settled down by my regular table when ...
- Another of your drunken stories then!
- You have to believe me. You can go and have a look for yourself if you don't. She said she was gonna stay, was looking for someone called Lolo, some kind of fey if I got it right. And she was having a good time, getting high on pure apple juice, can you believe it?
- Well...
- And the best part; she boasted and said to everybody that she was a dragon!
- Dragon, you must be joking...
- I didn't believe that either, she looked more like a huge butterfly with green wings.
- So she didn't look like a pink elephant then? You can't believe anything that you hear these days, and obviously less than half of what you see.
- But she was there, called herself Dee Dee.
- I'll tell you what I think! I think your brains has gone "dee dee". Hysteria is soon everywhere! There are rumors of a nymph over at the big tree by the harpist, and now you have seen a green butterfly claiming to be a dragon and looking for fey! Before soon people will believe we have the whole forest of Thetir here, mind you!
And you should stop drinking that green stuff too, before your head goes all Lolo!
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