Calling the Golden Katana
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Calling the Golden Katana

Post by Jace Salzman »

Darias sat in his office in Mars arms with Barney sitting in a chair across from him. "Spread the word Barney..." Darias said, "we have a demon to hunt and kill."

Barney nodded and finished his ale, "At once."
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Re: Calling the Golden Katana

Post by Mikeswraith »

Randall, a messenger for the Order of the Golden Katanna, runs across Thorto Ogrebane in the entrance to Khazad Barak...." Excuse me, Lord Ogrebane, the Knight Commander Darias Mars has a message for you and asks that you report to headquarters as soon as possible. Something about a demon on the loose...."
Thorto considered the message for a moment, and then replied..." Inform the Knight Commander, I am on my way, I shall be there in 2 days time." Thorto hasitly began packing clothes, armor and supplies and examining weapons..."Swordbreaker's Bite needs a little time with the Whetstone....." With a glint in his eye, he grabbed Swordbreaker and began running a whetstone along the long edge of the blade..."Soon you will taste demon flesh!"

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