Queen Claev
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Queen Claev

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Overheard at a camp on the road to Dandelion Dale

"So Aethnora is queen in Claeverness now?"

"Well, the king fell in love with her and would not be discouraged, even though she's a druid."

"Those Malarites must have been mighty angry about that. They despise us for wanting to keep the balance."

"Yes, and so the Huntmistress challenged her to be quarry in the Hunt. If she lived, she and the king could marry and she'd have to acknowledge Malar as one of her patron gods, but she'd still be able to stay a druid. I guess they figured she'd change her mind about respecting the balance."

"I guess they expected her to die."

"I'm sure they did. They pursued her for a day and a night as she shifted from shape to shape, and at dawn many of the Hunters were dead and a mighty panther stood proud before the Huntmistress before becoming Aethnora, hale and whole. They had to acknowledge her then."

"Do you think it'll make a difference to the Claeverness folk?"

"You mean IN the Claeverness folk?"

"I suppose I do. I guess we'll see."

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