Harvest Moon Treasure System
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Harvest Moon Treasure System

Post by Winterhawk99 »

I just got to work for 10 days so have no access to the game. I did want to let everyone know about the next two things I'll be putting on the scripting forum.

The first is a little bit complex but may be helpful to pws. It's the harvest moon treasure system. What we did in harvest moon is instead of having all those chests full of items in the game we moved the treasure pulls for chests, creatures and placeables and placed it completely out of the game into an outside database.

At first I was not sure about the idea but Mermut convinced me that it would reduce significant lag and be better all round to have the treasure for chests taken out of a database instead of the game itself. We built the world to handle up to 20th level and ended up having about 18,0000 items in the DB for chests and creatures to pull from. The reason why so many is because we could customize exactly the % chance an item is pulled. and example would be say:

You have a chest that only pulls banded mail but you want the really good armor to show up once in awhile. So you put in your database non-magical banded mail 7 times +1 banded 5 times, +2 banded 2 times and +3 only once. So out of 15 draws you will get a 1/15 chance to pull the +3 armor.

How did we do it. We took Silicon Scouts treasure systems and converted it to be used in and OBDC database and connected sql through an ACP script and a connecter to Open Office. Simple stuff for a good scripter. It gave me heart attacks for awhile but I figured it out so if I can do it I know just about everyone else can too.

There is one big down side to this. You need to find someone to do the data entry into either an .OD or .XML file which sucks to high heaven, *chuckle* I was the one that got that glorious job of entering all those items into the database.

When I get home I'll put the whole of the system scripts including the ACP script here for everyone. Of Course as always anyone can take these scripts and improve upon them. There's alot of great scripters out there now I bet can do that.

The other thing is that even though RDJparadis's DM item property wand is on the vault I have heard it doesn't work. It does work on on the pws I have in the Pw modules I keep on file except for the newest Beamdog Pws I help out on. It still works on my copy of Broodslayers, Anchorome, and Harvest moon. I'll take the scripts and item and make a new mod and figure it all out. Then put all the scripts and convo files here too.
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