RDJparidis's Item property wand and renamer (This one works)
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RDJparidis's Item property wand and renamer (This one works)

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Ok, ever since I found RDJ's IP wand on the vault I have directed people to it. They usually come back saying this doesn't work. So for a lot of years I tried to take it out of harvest moon into a mod and make it work for myself. The harvest moon module also has attached a renaming property for the wand. So not only can you edit any item and its properties. You can also rename the item or an npc.

Everyone knows I'm a self taught scripter with many NWN community members helping me grow in my abilities. People like RDJ, Mermut, Axe Murder, Tri-kreen and Borden ha Elven have taught me a lot about scripting. I do however since I am self taught have many holes and blind spots in my scripting abilities. It's just the way it is. So what I have done is taken the new module where the IP wand works and put it in my one drive for the public.

Those of you wishing to put the wand in your pw will have to carefully compare the scripts of your world and the module. You'll need the dmfi along with modifying the modular scripts to integrate the module scripts of the test.

I tried to use only scripts and creatures needed to use the Item property wand but I'm betting that there are a number of scripts not needed in the module. A good pw scripter should be able to integrate the test module with his or her pw and take out all uneeded scripts. So now I leave it to everyone to do as they please with the information.

Remember that many scripts in the test module are modifed to suit my old pw needs.

Here is the address to the test mod: https://onedrive.live.com/?id=306EF43E0 ... 43E05A0B40

Had the file set not to share I corrected it. Here is the new link: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AkALWuBD7wYDgeEbM8ChZ0sua-a0-g
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