Children of Hell Desperation Book I
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Children of Hell Desperation Book I

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A year ago I completed a novel based on the forgotten realms. It is the first of two or three novels I'll be writing for the members of our community that played on the persistent worlds here. Being based on the Forgotten realms and having a background content mostly based on Wizards of the Sword Coast content. I really cannot copy write it or make any money with it. I've struggled on whether to change the whole novel to strip it of D&D content, however in the end Angel and I have decided it would be a disservice to our players, old friends and the novel itself. We have decided to release it as fan fiction.

Everyone is welcome to comment and discuss the book on this forum. It is dedicated to all the people who played on Harvest Moon and Anchorome. While editing I had a lot of help and would like to recognize those that help with it. First and foremost is my girlfriend of 17 years Angel. I would also like to mention Bannor Bloodfist, Graewerld and an old friend Jim Lowry for their help.

I have put the book in both word and pdf on my one drive which can be downloaded here. I welcome comments both good and bad. It is my first novel, and comments will help me do better in the next book. After this series I hope to create more novels without WOTSC content.

Here is the link:!AkALWuBD7wYDgcgggklbuM8nC6s8iw
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