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Iron Shod hooves clack against the long causeway to the keep. The horse strains against the load it bears. The rider a large man, with thick torso, gangly limbs and overly large hands, looks at the keep. His eyes were piercing through the dusk to see the forms in the gatehouse, watching his approach. In front of him, a small black bear is draped across the saddle. Faint breath comes from its nostrils. Its eyes closed in a drugged sleep. The man is dressed in light armor for the chilled winter nights; across his back slung in southern fashion are both ax and broadsword. A long Red beard flowed down from the helm. His eyes, a blue fire tinged with insanity; marking him a killer among men. His eyes were unforgettable to any who saw them.

The Horse slowly moved along the causeway as if it were in a funeral procession. The narrow path left little room for mobility. Fifty feet below lain a shallow moat overgrown with thorns and swamp trees; their limbs turned up for what little sun they could catch so deep down within the dark pit they have chosen to take root in. The Horse neighs at the smell of death coming from the keep. The rider clinches the reins and gently taps the beast forward with a touch of his spurs. As the deliberate journey progresses; the forms on the gatehouse retreat slightly. One disappears into the gatehouse depths. The rider's trained ears pick up a shuffling sound at the bottom of the gatehouse that receded towards the main keep. Just as he enters the small piece of ground below the Sentinel that blocks his path to the main keep. He sees two large ballista swung in his direction. The creatures manning them, hungrily awaited their mistress’s orders.

One of the Creatures stepped up between the stones and looked at him. As the rider watched, the creature had changed into the form of a man; dressed in rich clothing with a necklace around its neck adorned with a large key. The rider shouts up to the creature, " Seneshal! Tell your mistress that Kane awaits her pleasure". With that, the rider dismounted, sliding the bear off the horse and chained it to a bloody post in the yard.

No fires adorn they yard or the gatehouse, for non are needed. Both rider and defenders see perfectly catlike in the dark hours. The rider waited but a few moments when the sound of Calvary boots approached from the keep. A door is opened and closed. A new figure walked up to the front of the gatehouse walkway . The woman, who approached, was a stunning beauty.

Her raven black hair enhanced the alabaster skin it adorns. Her armor, old but in good condition, did nothing to hide the womanly shape underneath. A longsword had been clasped comfortably within its sheath at the side of her belt. She met Kane's eyes with a steadfastness few could ever accomplish," So, You have returned. What do you want Kane? You said you would never return here. Have you come to accept my offer?

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