Overall links to various tutorials. 90% dead links
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Overall links to various tutorials. 90% dead links

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This thread is a heavily modified copy of the thread found on Bioware Social Forums started by ShadowM which is located Here



Custom classes / Races

Papermonk's Prestige classes Tutorial Beta

Error Fixing:



HowTo: Using emitters to give the illusion of self-randomizing texture by OldTimeRadio
"How to Recolor a VFX" by Hugie
How to animate a light in Max and GMax by Suedomsa
Changing the emitters for a creature by Ulef


Familars / Companions:

How To Make Custom Familiars and Animal Companions By Axe.


Feat / Spells

Ville_Alasaari's How to add custom feats
Hugie's CUSTOM SPELL CREATION For Dummies - Tutorial


General all purpose / Working with 2da:

Custom Content Guide v3.0
Custom Content Guide v3.0 By Eligio_Sacateca

Custom Content Mechanics - A Tutorial by Axe
Custom Content Mechanics - A Tutorial by Axe

Actually, that site is dead, but we have saved all the forums/tutorials
etc, and you can find them on the website in my sig, or go directly to
the custom content forums there and browse through quite a bit.

We hope to be adding MORE tutorials, both vid capture style, and standard step by step, pic in post style as we progress.

We are actively seeking folks to help flesh out these various tutorials or
add new ones, so if you have a mind to create a tutorial on creating
custom content, either graphic related or any other type of custom
content, we can accomodate you easily.
CTP Fourms hosted by The Harvest Moon Consortium
Updated by Bannor Bloodfist

I have begun a new project page - Neverwinter Realms CC - Neverwinter Nights Miscellany
This project is a collection of various tips, techniques, and tutorials for
the CC creator. It is complied from various authors in the NWN Community
and is intended to serve as a repository of hard to find, useful

Some of the things you'll find:
Game Configuration
Custom Content Essential Tools
Bannor Bloodfist's Tileset Window Illumination Tutorial
Estelindis' UVW Mapping Tutorial
...and much more (over 50 pages of material).
This is a living document that is constantly changing as new information
becomes available. I have attempted to be as accurate as possible, but
make no guarantees as to the specific accuracy of any information
contained within. I invite the Community to correct, submit, and/or
ammend information as necessary. I may even convert this over to a Wiki
if enough people are interested.
The file that is available for download was written with Microsoft Word 2007.
Suggested by Pstemarie

Mystics's Hak Pak Update Tutorial

Ryuujin's 'Hakpack and 2da merging for n00bs'

Big Bene's Custom Content Essentials

JemyM's HOWTO: Distribute Custom Content - v1.0

Pstemarie's NWN Miscellany (CC, 3dsMax and GMax Tutorials)


Legacy Links
Builder Link
(All the "lost" builder tutorials, forum posts, etc, basicly the ancestor of this site)
Suggested by Carcerian


Load Screens

Borden Ha'Elven's Pre-load Screen Tutorial





Modeling Tutorials by Danmar
Vault Content Submitted by Danmar
LOK Tutorial 1 : Create Placeable Model
LOK Tutorial 2 : Create placeable in GMax
LOK Tutorial 3 : Export Models
LOK Tutorial 4 : Texturing
LOK Tutorial 5 : Adding Animations
LOK Tutorial 6 - Weapons
LOK Tutorial 7 - Creature Creation
LOK Tutorial 8: Texturing

Tutorial: Making a Sword (using GMax, NwMax, Chiliskinner & GIMP)
Submited by Carcerian

This is the best turtorial ive been following for 3ds max but it is
pretty much useable with gmax.3ds max has a few more additions in it
with buttons.

Rocket Launcher tutorial from cg tuts+
suggested by Builder_Anthony

Jared Emmanuel's Changing the identity of a MDL file

Lodrezzon's Creating a Custom Head Hak (with info on .plt editing too)

Tuilan's NWMax Modelling Tutorial: Importing new items for use in the game.

Harliquinn Whiteshadow's NWN Pieces Parts Modeling Tutorial

Ryuujin's 'Easy Lizard Scales in Just 9 Steps' (The Vault's 1st Tutorial!)

Grouped tutorial
Bioware's Maximus's OpenFx Face Making
Bioware's Maximus's OpenFx Image Maps
Bioware's Maximus's OpenFx Tracing

3D Buzz's 3D Studio Max 4 Tutorial

OldTimeRadio's NWN 3D Modeling Tutorial - 101 Getting your tools installed
OldTimeRadio's G/Max Tutorial - Animating an object along a spline path
OldTimeRadio's NWN1 Custom Content: Making an animated mesh from scratch in GMax
OldTimeRadio's NWN1 Custom Content: Making an animated (animesh) texture from scratch in GMax

OldTimeRadio's NWN Java 3D Model Viewer Tutorial

Failed Bard's Chair Sit animation making demo video tutorial



by Asymmetric



Video Tutorial on creating a placeable by Danmar
LOK Tutorial 1 : Create Placeable Model

Scooterpb's Tutorial: Creating Simple Placeables

Lafferty's HOWTO: Converting Tileset features into placeables



Lodrezzon's Creating a Custom Portrait Hak Tutorial

Conjumen's The Neverwinter Nights Portraits Tutorial

Mr. Dave's Tips and Tricks for Portraits

Exanimus's advanced Portrait tutorial



How to Make A Skybox by Mohss
How to Make NWN Skyboxes by Mohss



Custom soundsets
Custom Soundset Tutorial by Ddraigcymraeg

Zeno's Custom Music Tutorial



How To: Recolor a texture conventionally or with an envmap for an...
by OldTimeRadio
How To: Recolor a texture conventionally or with an envmap

Making Animated Textures for NWN1 by OldTimeRadio
YouTube -Making Animated Textures for NWN 1 - Part 1-Gimp

I've made up a simple UVW unwrap tutorial thats easy to follow for everyone. Beginners should be able to easily follow it.
Enjoy :)
the link is here
Editing with UVW unwrap
suggested by Winterhawk99

The Photoshop Tips And Tricks Thread
by Renzatic

How To: Add a New Cloak Texture,
I made a new tutorial partly based on the old one by Brian Chung. The new version has more
information and step by step tips, plus new screenshots of the process
(since the old images weren't even online anywhere anymore).
Now, let's see some more new cloaks, people!
by Amethyst Dragon

Lisa's Tutorial on PLT textures
Lisa's Tabard Templates
Lisa's Military Coat Templates
Lisa's Crusader Cloak Template
Suggested by Rolo Kipp

Charlie's A Guide to Texturing or Retexturing Skins in Gmax

DLA's Glass Tutorial

Provsul's Alpha Tutorial

Elesias's Tutorial for bumpmapped textures

Relsh's PhotoshopTutorial

Ryuujin's Texture Art for Dummies



Tileset Retexturing for Dummies I :
Tileset Texturing For Dummies By Velmar

Tileset Retexturing for Dummies II :
Tileset Retexturing for Dummies II v2.3 By Velmar

Simple Tileset Tutorial by Gus
Tileset Group Tutorial by GuS

Tile tutorial by Mr. X
Tutorial: Creating Custom Tiles

Hypercubed has some useful tutorials. suggested by c9040op
Hypercubed has some useful tutorials

Here is another tutorial, covering basics in Creating an object and a
tile. Nothing fancy, but some general tips/tricks and cheats, that I
find useful when working on things in Max. These should apply to Gmax
or 3dsMax as both offer the same sorts of options. Creating Objects/Tiles
HarvestMoon - Create a New tile or New Object
Suggested by Bannor Bloodfist

Creating your first, basic tile.
Suggested and from Bannor Bloodfist

Kthoris's HOW TO: Add a group/tile from one tileset to another

Kthoris's Tutorial for Combining EXISTING Tilesets

Seafarer's Reference sheets for Bioware's Tileset Textures


Wings / Tails

Bloodsong's How to create wings and tails (aka Universal Wings/Tails (zabea-wt))


Please do not add to this topic, (in case it stickied).
To suggest a tutorial / changes to this topic or new sub subjects please do one or more of the following.
post in the linked topic.Custom Content Tutorials (Old Thread )
and / or post a new topic and or send me a message.
I will try and add it as soon as possible. This topic has been cleaned up of dead links. Report
dead links with the same options of posting new tutorials.smilie Thank you to all the creators of the tutorials and the CC community.
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