How to swap water textures between tilesets?
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Yes, congratulations indeed! I wish you both a marriage full of happiness and contentment. :)

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Congratulations! :)


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BioWater Patch is Finally Complete!

Post by chaos_theocrat »

After much trial and error, I finally discovered the correct names for the water in both the TNO and Tropical tilesets... in fact, in TNO there were two water sets, one for regular and one for the sea cliffs. The good news is that I was able to successfully fix the water by replacing it the same way as I did for the Aztec and Classic Dungeon tilesets. The result, is a patch I created which I called the BioWater Patch. I've uploaded it to my Castle, City, Rural and Below Expanded (CCR&BEX) v5 Tileset Compilation's download page on the Vault so folks who use that can get it, as well as folks who just want the water fix... since the patch can be used both with or without CCR&BEXv5. It overwrites just the water in TNO and Tropical, so it can be placed above existing Hak Paks without any conflicts. :D

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Thank you, thank you,

I used your "BioWater Patch" and now those new areas are playable. Before it was pretty, but lagged to much. Lot of complaints from testers. That and the new willow tree and we're in busyness.


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