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Post by senemenelas »

im working on some kind of underdark tileset, and i wanted to shape a narbondel group for the city part of the set, im thinking of the "how to" animate the growing red light that indicates the hour to the drow, and i have a couple of options:

1st is using the day to night animations of the tile, easy work but it doesnt cover the whole spectrum of the 24 daily hours so basically i'd end having 2 position for the magical clock

2nd one is the bitter choice, but is scripted and i really aint a capable scripter: that should work like the module spawns a red glowing placeable for each hour of the day, starting from the bottom and adding the next up in a growing column, then at hour 0 the script would destroy the 23 previously created placeables and so on, in a module controlled script

some of you good scripters ut there think its a good and doable thing, or i should think about some other method for the clock?

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Post by Estelindis »

I think you really, really need to talk to Dragonessa about this. She's done a lot of funky experiments with Underdark lighting and special effects!

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