Bioware's Tile Naming Convention
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Bioware's Tile Naming Convention

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Ok, I got this off of a community website and I do not have the info to give credit. I pasted it into a txt file months ago... Sorry. [EDIT]Link provided -- MDA[/EDIT]

Tile Naming Conventions

First I'll start off with a run-down on Bioware's naming style.
ex. TTR01_A01_01
First Section TTR01

T -- Tileset
The first letter in all of Bioware's tile models is "T".
TR -- Terrain Rural
The second and third letters correspond to a particular tileset.
*See a listing at the end of Bioware's tilesets.
01 -- Version number
Have yet to see anything other than "01" in Bioware's tiles, so version number is more of guess than fact.

Second Section A01_01

A -- Tile type
A letter A thru Z. Each letter corresponds to a certain type of tile (eg. raise terrain, building, road, stream).
01 -- Tile number
A number 00 thru 99.
01 -- Tile variant number
A number 00 thru 99.

Code Tileset Name NWN Version
CN City Neutral Original
DC Dungeon Crypt Original
DE Dungeon Evil Original
DM Dungeon Mines Original
DR Dungeon Ruins SoU
DS Dungeon Sewer Original
IB Interior Beholder HotU
IC Interior Castle Original
ID Interior Drow HotU
II Interior Illithid HotU
IN Interior Neutral Original
TD Terrain Desert SoU
TF Terrain Forest Original
TI Terrain Ice HotU
TR Terrain Rural Original
TS Terrain Snow SoU
TU Terrain Underdark HotU

Tileset Model Types
TTR -- Tileset Terrain Rural Type Description
A Raise Terrain
B Water
C Raise Terrain with Water
D Trees
E - F Unused
G Streams
H Roads
I - J Walls
K Roads over Water
L - M - N Unused
O - P - Q - R Features / Miscellaneous
S - T - U - V Groups / Buildings
W - X - Y Unused
Z Edge Tiles

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