Comunity Music Pack? (CMP)
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[QUOTE=RAVEN280;7356]I too think that we should avoid taking artistic liberties with material that people have created for NWN and the vault. I would prefer that we simply include or exclude those sounds/voice/music creations based on quality and content. If someone who creates something that we choose not to place in the CMP, wants to know why, we can give them the option of fixing/changing their material themselves.[/QUOTE]

Something I would like to do with some of those tracks is to see if the artist is willing/able to re-record it - there were several tracks that I really liked from a musical standpoint, but the voices used sounded like synthesizers.


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[QUOTE=Tiberius_Morguhn;7355] do we know that the artist didn't want that much echo or reverb or whatever in there to begin with..

True. Small dilemma there. But also as this music is 'in need' of some polishing we shouldn't refrain from doing so. But thats another story altogether anywa, cause Im more curious on how to proceed with the existing pack and any discussion therof. Not the sound quality cause thats not my specialty, Im more interested in discussion the a 'theme pack' release as mentioned earlier.

I have to admit on the RL side of things I've (at the moment) got less spare time than I want (dont we all, always..). So I'll try to round up some thoughts on the subject and get back ranting in a week or so.


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How Far is it?

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[QUOTE=Fessuy;7391]How Far is it?[/QUOTE]

How far is what? Are we talking distance or time or how far along the next CMP version is? :D

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The distance between the earth and the sun varries. Anywhere from 91 to 94.5 million miles.

Err... could you repeat the question?


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[QUOTE=Fessuy;7391]How Far is it?[/QUOTE]

Im going to assume this question was how far along the CMP project has gone and Id say Tiberius did a fine job starting it by posting something worth down loading.

From what I can tell we didn’t make much of a team effort to get started but that’s going to quickly change over time.

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