CMP v1.5 Music Suggestions
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[QUOTE=Estelindis;41875]Looks pretty good! The full soundtrack is downloadable here: ... track.html

Incidentally, I presume the CMP got permission to use Jeremy Soule and Inon Zur's music from games like IWD/2? If so, why not use some of their other game music? I'm aware that some of JS's soundtracks are sold digitally, and would probably be off-limits. But surely that's not the case for all his music? Also, on Inon Zur's website, there are some awesome tunes. For instance: on one can access the very swashbucklesome theme tune to a Pirates of the Caribbean game that he scored. Very adventurous! What think ye?[/QUOTE]

The permission to use the IWD 1 & 2 soundtrack entries was indirectly gained from the fact that Interplay (before the company folded) had posted the soundtrack for free download on their website. There was no direct permission from Jeremy Soule or Inon Zur. However, I will check out the links you provided to their available "free" tracks on their personal websites.

Since I have some time now to re-invest into the CMP, I will also check out the Arcanum tracks. There have been some rumblings that a lot of folks were unhappy that there was so much "commercial" music in CMP v1.0 and not an equal amount of true community artists. I hope to balance that out in the CMP v1.5/v2.0 and to address the deficiencies in battle music choices.

Thanks for checking in with the info!!! :)

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Sierra games have quite a few full soundtrack downloads available from their ftp site:

Some examples include:

Cold Winter
The Hobbit
Lord of the Rings
Cronicles of Riddick
and more.

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How about Marvin Gaye's Let's Get It On for Ninjaweaselman's Intimate Animations Suite? ;)

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Anything new with the CMP for the holidays?

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Forgotten Realms Pool of Radiance : Ruins of Myth Drannor

Opening Music -1.8MB
Fight -1.2MB

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If you can get it im not sure about permissions for music. Theme from Last of the Mohicans ( great battle music)

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Hi Tiberius,
Any updates on CMP? Are you still working on 1.5 or 2.0? Thanks!

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