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Alangara Rising

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I've spent quite a bit of time on Alangara Rising because I really like this server. The owner is Tarasan who has been quiet helpful not only with me but with other new folk I have met on the server. They do have a dm staff that mostly helps their players in various ways.

The server is a mixed server. Plenty of RP if you like it. Dms actively engage their players although I have yet to be on a Dm quest. They do have Dms monitoring the server most weekends who are active. If you get stuck in some corner walkmesh you can rest assured a dm will be there to help out. They are also very friendly. They have plenty of areas to hack and slash. I wouldn't say this as a powergaming server nor would a call it a heavy Rp server. Its more RP lite with some hack and slash.

They have a lot of custom systems for your characters to take and one custom class They have created for the bold. I forget what the prestige class is but I do know you need some barbarian levels in it. You can also become something called a reborn on the server its a custom social class type deal or something called a chosen. These status things are dm driven I believe but my pc is not high enough level to participate as of yet.

The visuals on the server are fantastic. There are some very, very well built areas. I always took some pride in how well I and my staff built harvest Moon. It was one of the best visual servers back in the day with all the custom content makers we had at our disposal. Alangara is on that level. It may even surpass Harvest Moon on its area building. Its really good. The builds are also of course complex but their host has a speedy server so you don't lag badly going into new areas.

leveling of monsters is good. I test play with a sorcerer/cleric build. She had some trouble with encounters but being cautious she has made it to 6cleric/5sorcerer with some effort.

There are also a lot of quests, Integers are run by an outside database so you wont be able to do the same quest again and again, however there are quests everywhere on the server and plenty of areas to back that up having lots of fun with the quests. Quest themselves can be simple or complex a good mix of both.

They have modernized systems for clothing appearances as most servers now do. Along with many other systems so you can set up your characters like you want them. They also have a good server storyline arc. player owned housing and a host of other things you would find on a well thought out and built game.

They also have a unique balancing system. They do not balance equipment in the usual way. I think the level requirements are turned off however. it can be a struggle to gain enough funds to buy really good stuff. They balance the server by the coin they give out on quests. If you do a lot of quests you will be rewarded. If you try to hack and slash your way to wealth you're going to be poor and your equipment will lag behind what would be normal for the server. I'm not sure about Dm quests but if they do have them people should be rewarded accordingly. The dms seem to be quite good so I would expect just that.

As I said overall I really like this server. It has something for every type of player, lots of quests, good storyline arc. a very good dm staff and visuals that will have you pleasantly surprised. There of course some things I've found that could be improved upon.

They have a RP reward system that automatically gives the PC 12xp every few minutes. Its good to have that but they could tweek it so that you get rewarded when you actually rp. Mermut my old lead did just that for Harvest Moon. When charaters would rp they would get a bonus until they went into tell or a modern keyword popped up in conversation then the rp reward would end for a set time until they started to rp again. You can sit on a bench and get rp points on Alangara. now if you do that you will never make enough coin to get level equipment that may be how the staff on Alangara uses balance. If that's true it could be a good thing.

They have a DM staff and should start to move into doing dm events. It will attract a multitude of players. The dms are helpful but they need to take the next step.

Their quests do not have journal entries. This is a pain in the ass but I also know why this happens sometimes. Journal entries cannot be transferred via .erf (a file a builder would send to the owner or server host.) So you may get lost a bit on what quests you have and which you do not. Journal entries are a pain to co-ordinate between builder and owner/server however. Alangara will one day want to concentrate on getting that put in.

That's really the only thing I remember as of now that needs a good tweek. Overall I think this is one of the best hidden gems on EE. They are developing a regular population. when I first explore the server there was no one but me and the Dms. Lately I have been seeing 3 and 4 people when I come in so they are picking up a player population and you know what. They deserve it. A lot of thought and hard work went into this server. In six months to a year I can readily see a dozen or so regular players here once this gem is found by the right players.

I do also want to put a kudos to Bosephus28. a dm on the server. When I got confused on quests he often pointed me in the right direction without just giving everything to me. He just pointed me in the right direction. And that my friends is a good dm.
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